Fixing Video Game Enemies

There’s an interesting article on about how to fix video game enemies to give players more of a challenge. Basically, the columist says that videogame enemies should be programmed to act more realistically, and not “tip off” the player about what they’re going to do. The whole thing is worth a read, here’s the link to it:

Of course, reading this article made me think about Travian, where there are no computer controlled low-level enemies to face. That’s the major reason why Travian, a gae that was independently made without very much money behind it, was able to become such a  huge success.  

I’ve played a lot of strategy games before I came across Travian, particularly Civilization and Starcraft. While playing strategy games like those and other ones I liked against the computer is a lot of fun for a while, if you play it over and over it just gets repetitive, like playing the same level of a videogame again and again.

This is why I’m such a big fan of Travian: It’s always a new experience, every day. Thousands of players are making their moves all around you every second. And it’s not compter programming that determines what they’ll do, it’s their own reasoning and logic. Instead of getting the thousands of computer enemies to act more like human being, in this game every enemy is a human being.


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