A Look at the S2.com Endgame

Someone is sure getting out to a fast start in the Server 2 endgame on Travian.com:

Even though the World Wonder Construction plans have only been out for less than a week, Stypa from PAN WW is already on level 32. So the S2 Endgame seems to be getting underway with a sprint.

When a World Wonder starts building levels that quickly, oftentimes it’s trying to draw attention and attacks towards it, so that other World Wonders on the same side can get built up and get closer to winning without the spotlight on them.

I’m not sure if this is the case here though. Who would Stypa be trying to draw attention from?

With MDA holding 6 World Wonders, many people consider them the favourites to win. (And there are some people in the forums already declaring them to be unstoppable, but Travian Champions doesn’t go along with that type of thing. You’ve got to play it out to win.)

One MDA member had this to say on the forums:

As for attacking important targets of Pan or Extreme, just what important targets are there left? We hit most of your capitals, I call internally for important targets yet they are hard to find anymore. I see our attack page and pick a target and toast a cropper or two. I wouldn’t mind my army getting toasted but just can’t find a defense. So you tell me, what are important targets for MDA to hit? Tell me where you will put a defense and we will hit it, cause to tell you the truth, I am tired of trying to feed a 130K+ army with no defense to hit. I am too small for a WW Killer so hitting a defense is what my army is built for, so where is it?

I have heard rumors of large hammers but the funny thing is now you can’t use them because once they show up, you know that those villages will be toasted.

So it sounds like he thinks that MDA is pretty far out ahead. MDA apparently has a big lead when it comes to Artifacts, so they very well may be . But one thing he should keep in mind is that those “large hammers” he’s heard about oftentimes only need to get used once to get their job done.

I’m planning on taking a closer look at each alliance in this endgame in a later post. For now though, I just want to share this link with anyone interested in following this endgame: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=133867

This thread in the forum is being regularly updated with new World Wonder standings, keep checking it for updates (and keep checking this site as well, I’ll have more info on Server 2 during the next few days).

This next image was posted in that thread earlier today. It shows what the population of each World Wonder city on the right:


Cuculain and Ritz from MDA look to be getting their infrastructure in place before they build their World Wonder up. Ritz has just started to build his World Wonder now. Both of them should be able to catch up to the pack quickly.

Georgepan is Roman, so some of his population advantage probably come from taking advantage of the double-build ability. Stypa is Teutons.

Stypa seems to be doing very well so far. But is it too much too soon?


7 Responses

  1. And now the real fun begins… 🙂

  2. MDA all the way 😉 No doubt in my mind.

  3. woot 🙂

  4. Go MDA!!!

  5. Man I love you website. What a wonderful idea.

  6. As we said MDA have this in a bag, all non MDA WW’s were zero’d with stypa getting zero’d twice.

    Follow thread to MDA Rules s2

  7. ‘Hey My name is Lorne’

    good game 😉

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