Total Players vs. Active Players

Regarding my post about the number of players on Travain servers, a reader wrote in to ask:

Why did you choose the players in total and not the active players? Also, what is the exact difference between the two?

I’m not exactly sure what the different between the two is. I think inactive players are people who haven’t logged on during the past few days, but I’m not sure if it’s the same as a Red Dot (or a Grey Dot)

The reason why I chose to list the number of total players instead of the number of active players is because it seems like a better indication of Travian’s player base. Sure, some of those inactive players have probably stopped playing their accounts, and aren’t planning on returning to the game. On the other hand, some of them probably are just taking a few days off, or plan on getting back into the game. There’s no real way for be to know how many inactive players will become active once again, so it just seems more logical for me to use the total number of players as a more accurate figure to measure Travian’s popularity.

(Of course, if you’re a good player, your account(s) should never be inactive, but that’s besides the point in this case.)


2 Responses

  1. In reading your response, I also thought of this. There may be people who are waiting for ‘their’ server to restart. So they’re just taking the month as holiday between Travian rounds. So they might not be active right now but that doesn’t mean they’re gone for good.

  2. i wnt to play travian….cn u explain me that how to play travian…and wt is travian ..wt are the advantages of travian

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