Other Travian Magazines

The Cover of Issue #9 of the Spanish Travian Magazine


The “Travian News International” magazine that all players on Travian.com got a look at yesterday probably came as a surprise to many, but it’s hardly the first Travian domain to get its own magazine. 

The India Servers have had a magazine for about a month now, with 3 issues released so far. You can view all of them by following this link: http://forum.travian.in/showthread.php?t=3366 (The issues aren’t very visually impressive, unlike the Travian News International they don’t use very many pictures. Still, they’re pretty good and they have a lot of info in them). 

The Spain servers have had their own magazine for a while now, and they’ve had 9 issues come out so far. Take a look at the latest issue by following this link: http://revista.travian.net/es/revistas/ES-009-feb-10.pdf (You won’t be able to read it unless you know Spanish, but it’s worth flipping through just to look at it even if you don’t know what it says). 

It’s impressive that their magazine manages to be 48 pages long! Will the Travian.com magazine get that big one day? We’ll have to wait and see. (18 pages is very good for a first issue) 

Travian is very big in Spain. In fact, they have more active players than Travian.com does!


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