A Look at Travian’s Current Player Numbers

The number of players on Travian.com on March 1st


I though it would be interesting to track the number of players on each Travian server on a monthly basis on this site. This way, we can see how many people are currently playing Travian each month, and track that number as it changes over time. I’ll try to do this at the start of every month. (Note that I’ll be using the total number of players, not the number of active players, in doing these counts) 

So, here are the current number of players at each English-speaking Travian Domains: 

International Servers (Travian.com): 85,874 

USA Servers (Travian.us): 78,521 

UK Servers (Travian.co.uk):  31,375 

Australian & New Zealand Servers (Travian.com.au): 13,793 

India Servers (Travian.in): 13,833 

Pakistan Servers (Travian.pk): 2,593 

One thing that immediately jumps out at me – and that was partially my inspiration for doing this – is that the numbers at Travian.com are significantly lower than they were several month ago, at the start of Travian 3.5. Back then, there were well over 100,000 players (I don’t remember what the record high was). 

Is it possible that there are less players now because the registration is closing earlier now on servers, leaving a steady influx of new players during the game? Is is possible that several players have left due to the introduction of Travian 3.6, which several players didn’t like? Or on the other hand, did a lot of new players start Travian due to high advertising and is this just natural falloff from that? I don’t really know the answer to any of these questions, but if anyone has any theories feel free to send them to me. 

It also should be noted that the India Servers have now passed the Australian Servers in total number of players. 

Finally, here are a select few non-English Regions and their number of current players: 

Germany Servers (Travain.de): 116,170 

France Servers (Travian.fr): 153,595 

Spain Servers (Travian.net): 93,756 

United Arab Emirates (Travian.ae): 304,524 

(There are too many different Travian servers around the world for me to look up the number of active players for all of them)


2 Responses

  1. Why did you choose the players in total and not the active players? Also, what is the exact difference between the two?

  2. please can you help me to know how many GOLD PLUS players travian has on an average.

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