“Travian News International” Magazine Launches (Updated Below)

There was a big surprise when I logged into my Travian Account today: A 18 page online Magazine called the “Travian News International”.

If you haven’t seen it yourself yet, here’s a link to it: http://com.travianteam.com/dateien/com_magazine_2010_02.pdf

I’m stunned that the Travian.com team put this together. Did other people know this was coming out? I seriously had no idea. Either they kept this a secret or I’m really out of the loop.

Inside the magazine are several articles, including interviews with the winners of S7.com, an in-depth explanation of all of the Gold Club features, the new forum banner competition, and more!

I’ll be posting more thoughts on the magazine later, but right now I’m going to go do the crossword puzzle (the first 10 people to solve it win 30 Gold!)

UPDATE: I finished the crossword puzzle but they had already received 10 correct solutions so I didn’t win. People work fast when they want Gold. I’ve had some time to read the rest of the issue, the best part is the interview with the Server 7 winners, I’ll do a break-down and highlight some of the key things that were said in the interview later today.


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