New Banner and 110,000 Hits!

I just want to thanks all of my readers once again for visiting this site and say that I’m really glad that people are finding it useful. If you like this site now, hopefully you’ll like it even more in the future because I have a lot of ideas for how to make it better (the first and most important way to make it better is to update it more often and on a regular schedule). Travian Champions has now passed 110,000 hits and I’m sure it will reach its next milestone soon.

You’ve probably noticed the new and improved banner at the top of the page (unless this is your first time visiting the page, in which case, welcome!) I want to thank one of my readers for sending it in, it looks awesome and you did a great job in making it. It’s far superior to anything I could make myself. The colors of the new banner really go well with the site design too!

I’ve got some cool plans for this week. Look for a new reader poll tomorrow!

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  1. congratulations! that’s a lot of hits 🙂

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