Updated Server Start Dates

I updated the Server Start dates on the World Champions and US/UK/AUS/IN Champions pages. Now they’re totally up to date and you can find out what the latest servers are in each region.

Speaking of the US/UK/AUS/IN page, I’m going to be working on revamping that page a little bit so it has more links to previously finished round results. I hope that in the future I can find enough time to keep up with all the finished servers and do my own Hall of Champions Inductions for them, but for now I’m going to be linking to finished results on the respective forums for each of these servers.

The latest UK Server (S4) doesn’t have the controversial “Auto Troop Recall” function that was introduced in version 3.6 of Travian. This is positive news for the many players who didn’t like that feature. Now the UK servers join the .Com and .US servers in not having that feature. It looks like the admins have listened to the many players who said they didn’t like that new feature.


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