Busy times on S9.com

While I wouldn’t describe Server 9 as a server with a more active war than other servers, certainly not more than the past servers I’ve played on. But it is one where things are constantly busy, and I think it’s a hard server for all the alliances on it. (But all servers are hard these days, what with registration closing earlier than it used to and less players being around as the game goes on). I think a lot of players are pushing themselves really hard, and I’m one of them.

Gameplay wise, this is by far my best server ever. I’ve never been this highly ranked on a server, and my main army, while not breaking any records, is much bigger than anything I’ve played before – even on the previous Server 4, where I played Teutons. My attack ratings is the highest it’s ever been too.

I’m seeing a different side fo the game now than I ever have before. Being in a top 10 alliance is a whole different game than not being in one. There’s a lot of pressure to perform and I really want to win this time around, but it’s a tough grind each and every day (and feeding that Hammer army all the time is a bitch).

This isn’t the funnest server I’ve ever played on. I think playing Teutons on the last Server 4 was more fun. But, my alliance was a little less organized and the area of the map I was in was a real wild zone with lots of nearby people to fight. This time the alliance I’m in has got the whole area around it locked down completely. And because I have a bigger army, I don’t want to go throwing it around and losing it when my alliance needs it for big attacks its planning.

So, I think I’ll be staying busy on S9 for the foreseeable future (The Natars are still at least a few weeks away). But I’ll try hard to keep the Travian Champions blog updating regularly during that time.


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