Weekly Rewards on Travian.com Extended to Com1, Com3, Com5, and Com10

Travian.com has extended its weekly award for the top climber of the week to Servers 1, 3, 5, and 10. Whoever is the #1 climber each week will get a 10 Gold reward. This was previously introduced on Server 8 as a test. The rewards will last up until the introduction of the artifacts (at which point the game closes registration for new players). On Server 3, which is the “Classic Server” that uses Travian version 2.5, the rewards will continue right up until the start of the endgame (which I assume is a sign that new players can also join the server right up until the start of the endgame – that’s the way it always was before the introduction of the Mid-game Artifacts in version 3.5 of Travian). With the addition of these four servers that are new to offering this award, all of the servers that are open for registration for new players are now offering the reward. So you can probably expect that this will also be included on future servers as well.

Click here to read the official announcement.

The player response to these rewards have been mostly positive, but some players have suggested that there should be gold awards for players who are the top raiders. Personally, I disagree. Some players are able to be the top raider every week, and they would be able to collect a free gold award multiple times. But top climber is something you can pretty much only get once – usually during your first or second week of play. This way, more people get to have the award. Rewards and prizes that the same player keeps winning over and over don’t add a lot of fun to the game. Also, if you’re the top raider, you probably don’t need any extra gold to help you out. But anyone who joins a server after it’s already been running for a few weeks is already at a disadvantage, so giving a little gold at the players who are the best new registrants will help even things out a little bit and give players incentive to compete hard no matter what point they joined the server at.

If anything, I’d like to see the reward be a little bit bigger. 10 Gold is nice, but perhaps if it was a little bit bigger it would inspire even more competition for players to be the fastest climber. As a competitive player, I think that anything that adds a little more blood to the water is a good thing.


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