Server 1: Rally Point Limit Removed

Here’s some news that I’m sure many top Travian players will be happy about. Server 1, the next server to start on, won’t have the Rally Point Limit that was introduced in Travian 3.6.

Here’s the text of the announcement from the admin:

UPDATE: We all get the chance to show that the rally point restriction is not beginner friendlier than the old system and does not help to keep beginners playing. Therefore traviangames agreed to start this server exceptionally without the rally point restriction for testing issues. Many thanks to traviangames for this.
So now it’s up to you to show how beginner friendly you can be


Ever since its announcement, the Rally Point Restriction has been heavily criticized by many players on the forums and the other regional forums (US, AUS, UK, etc.). Many of these players also wrote to Travian Games directly to say why they felt these changes would hurt the game. Elite players were very concerned about how it would affect those who rely on a heavy raiding strategy, and how it would limit alliances ability to launch fake attacks which are an important part of wars between large Meta-alliances.

What we’re seeing here is hopefully a sign that the people who make Travian (Travian Games GBMH) are listening to the feedback of their experienced and dedicated players and are reconsidering some of the controversial aspects of the Travian 3.6 upgrades.

Let’s look at the evolution of the last three servers on, starting with the first Travian 3.6 Server,

  • Rally Point Limit: 4 Attacks per level
  • Auto-dodge
  • Auto-recall

  • Rally Point Limit: 5 attacks per level
  • No auto-recall

  • No Rally Point Limit
  • No auto-recall

In my opinion this is evidence that Travian Games is listening to its players and their feedback about what they didn’t like about version 3.6.

With the Rally Point Limit gone, I think Server 1  might be one of the best Travian games of all time. The talent pool for players is going to be phenomenal. Players who were in endgame alliances on the last,, and will all be taking part. And I would be surprised if some players on Server 8 who don’t like the Rally Point limit decide to jump to this server as well. No doubt about it, this server will be epic.

The server is now open for pre-registration, and play will begin on January 29th.

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