S7.com: A Look at Regulator’s World Wonder

There are some interesting stories and things to write about from the recently completed S7.com, and I’ll try to get to as many of them as possible over the next few days (assuming I have the time).

One things I want to take a closer look at is the winning World Wonder city. Regulator used quite a unique build that’s worth taking a closer look at:

Okay, so what’s odd about this picture? Only one Great Warehouse!

Regulator’s World Wonder City used TEN Lv.20 regular warehouses (one of which is hidden behind the World Wonder) to get the necessary capacity to build his World Wonder up. This is something I’ve never seen before in my relatively brief time of watching Travian endgames. Most players use several Great Warehouses to get the storage they need. It takes less overall time to build than this many Lv.20 Warehouses, and it takes up less building spaces, giving players more room for Great Granaries and maybe a Grain Mill (Regulator even had to tear down her Marketplace in order to get enough room for the last Warehouse).  So why did Regulator and South-WW break from the norm like this?

Here’s the story behind this unconventional building strategy: When the endgame was underway, the leaders of PS thought it would be a clever idea to only build regular Warehouses, and that way when Hammer armies were launched on Regulator’s Village that targeted the Great Warehouse, they would find none there, and the attack would be wasted (it would just hit a  a resource field or a regular warehouse, which take a lot less time to build).

But what ended up happening is that South-WW’s enemies, Aurora Borealis, didn’t end up coming after Regulator’s World Wonder until much later than Regulator and PS’s leaders expected they would. By the time they got around to launching the attack, it made more sense for them to target the World Wonder itself than the Warehouses (a possible tactical error on their part).

Regulator also had the Unique Architects Secret, meaning that all of her building except the World Wonder were harder to destroy than normal. So it made sense for them to target the World Wonder instead of a level 20 building. The decoy Warehouses were never targeted, so that ended up being pretty much all that was built!

It’s worth noting that Regulator was a Roman, meaning she got to combine the Roman’s amazing Lv.20 Wall Bonus with the 5x Building Stability artifact. It’s got to be a real to pain to attack into THAT.

Here’s a picture of the defense at Regulator’s World Wonder at the end of the game:


Remember that this server had less players than normal, so the amount of defense there is especially impressive.


8 Responses

  1. I’m not a man… I’m a woman!!!!

  2. “Regulator even had to tear down his Marketplace in order to get enough room for the last Warehouse”… it was only for a few levels and looking at the MP wasnt fun and very stressful. We didnt need it 😀

  3. They actually had 2 GGs…you missed the 2nd one behind the WW.

  4. Faraday was a man last time I checked.

    about the warehouse strategy. It was used on the last s4 at the Insomnia WW held on the XdeepsX account.
    LM hit an iron mine once and figured out what’s going on.
    Faraday and Icis were there on that WW and I thought we did a great job of feeding it that round 🙂
    I would like to credit Elafias for giving that idea which he picked up from a winner of a .uk server.

    • just an addition:
      I was on the Ascension (poolparty) WW for a few days and I suggested they follow the same normal warehouse plan. But there was an overseer appointed by the AB meta and it was quite clear the person overseeing had little idea of strategies and I wasn’t surprised to hear that the WW got chiefed soon after my departure. Not that my presence would have made any difference, but that server was a clear case of a meta that clearly had no plan of what they were doing and lacking a basic understanding of strategies going up against a set of the best strategists (counsel, icis and PS guys) in the game.

  5. Hi Reg, It was an honor to help you all win. I lead the boonie alliance and was happy to help you all win as opposed to our enemeis in our quad. Now I too am a wonder holder, and have a promacing chance wish me luck.

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