Aux Round 2 – Report from chessmanlau/VikingWarrior/Meta-BG

Recently Aux Round 2 ended with Meta-BG winning the server. Sadly I was unable to follow the endgame closely as I had real-life commitments. Instead I will be posting a number of summary’s written by key players from different alliances. Firstly I’ll be showing you a report from chessmanlau from the VikingWarrior account.
Whats interesting about Meta-BG is they were made up of 2 main meta’s who had been highly criticized throughout the server by some of the better players from Round 1. Their criticizes from the alliances CE and SSS were not interested in winning endgame although that wouldn’t stop them from zeroing a few WWs. Meta-BG was mainly made up of BG and the remnants of T4H. Right up until the endgame no-one really thought Meta-BG had a hope of winning.

I would post chassmanlau’s report here except it’ll take up most of a page :p
The full copy is here and I highly recommend you read it.

Aux Round 3 begins on Wednesday 27th January and Pre-Registration opens 2 days earlier.


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