Now the Top Raider will be listed in the Hall of Champions Entry!

I’m happy to say that I’ve found a way to look up who the top raider is on each server, so from now on I’ll be listing the #1 raider in the Hall of Champions Entry for each finished server on this site! Now in addition to seeing who was the best attacker, defender, and biggest player, you’ll also be able to see who stole the most resources from their fellow players on each server! Some people say this is the most important individual stat of all.

I’ve gone back and added this for the Server 1 2009 entry, so congratulations to Marius&Marius for being the first #1 raider to be listed on Travian Champions!

I’m currently working on the 09-10 entry so look for it to be up on this site soon! (Sorry again for the delays)


One Response

  1. It’s surprising what you can do when you spend the whole server in an alliance that holds the META name but conveniently doesn’t have NAPs or Confeds with you… he farmed his own allies all server long immaculately! A well deserved award!

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