Weekly Rewards for the Fastest Growing Player on S8.com

Whoever is the fastest climbing player of the week on Server 8 will receive a reward of 10 Gold. Server 8 is the newest server on Travian.com. The official announcement was in this thread, but let’s take a look at it here:

We are happy to inform you all that com8 will get new rewards for the climbers of the weeks as little stimulation for our new players. The winner of the climber of the weeks medal category will earn 10 Gold additionally to his medal.

We will test these rewards for the next 4 weeks and if we see that they get accepted / function they will be continued until the artefacts get implemented on com8 only.

Here you can register for com8.

Tschena and Phanttis

I’ll report back after they announce whether they’ll keep this going on not. It’s something nice to give new players something to compete for, and a different player should win it every week, so the wealth will get spread around. I’d like it if the reward was  little higher, because it’s easy to spend over 10 gold during the first week, especially if you’re trying to be #1.

More rewards for the top players is, in my opinion, a good way to balance out the changes in 3.6 that made the game easier for less skilled players.

UPDATE: They’ve announced that they might do this on future servers, and even extend this program to Server 5 and Sever 10.

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