Quick Website Update

I’m quite busy today. Besides having a lot to do to start off the new year at my job, there’s a lot happening on S9.com right now. During the New Years truce I built up a lot of troops and I have a lot of places to use them right now. There are times when I have to choose between working on this site and actually playing Travian, and yesterday and today playing Travian won out.

But later tonight, I’m planning on doing a major post: The Travian Champions Best of 2009 awards! See who I pick as the best meta-alliance of 2009, the best single-wing alliance of 2009, the most exciting endgame of 2009, and the best runner-up alliance of 2009! I’ll also be listing who was the highest score for attacking, defending, and population in 2009!

I’m also happy to announce that January 2nd was the highest traffic date in the history of this site. Travian Champions got 1216 hits that day, shattering the old record of 1105 hits! Thanks to all of my readers and to everyone who came to check out the new version of the site and the Hall of Champions Induction for Server 1.

(In case you’re wondering, the old record was from the day that I did the Hall of Champions induction for Server 5)


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