[UK] Forum Awards 2009

On the UK domain, admins: Laika, Tullia and Spychic put together a group of awards to honour users who have contributed to the UK forum throughout 2009. There were 5 different categories called ‘Individual User’, ‘Post, Thread & Forum’, ‘Wooden Spoon’, ‘Crew’, and ‘Special’.

To be nominated for an award, users were given 3 days to vote using a private form. The award was given to the user(s) with the most votes, and close runners up were also given a special mention.

Unlike the 2008 UK Forum Awards, this year’s winners receive custom userbars – created by Tullia – which they can display in their signatures. These are manually added by a Forum Admin or Super Moderator. Here are some examples of what they look like:

Congratulations to everyone who won and voted. We hope to see the forum awards make an appearance at the end of this year too; start posting to be in with a chance for 2010!

See 2009 Award Announcement | 2009 Award Results | 2008 Award Results



One Response

  1. As usual Avi you produce some great stuff.

    Congrats on the awards too 🙂


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