S1.com Winners Inducted into the Travian Hall of Champions

Travian Champions is happy to announce that the first ever winners of a  Travian 3.5 server are have now been added to the Travian Hall of Champions! Click the link below to view the Hall of Champions entry for S1.com 2009!


I apologize that for not being able to do very much coverage of this server due to the server 6 endgame happening at the same time and then being busy with the holidays. But there will be some more posts related to this server posted on the blog over the next few days.

I wanted to do something special for Travian 3.5 Hall of Champions Inductions, so I’ve made a trophy image with the winning Meta-alliance’s name on it. All future winners will also get a trophy made for them with their name on it. A picture of the trophy will be posted at the top of all future inductions. The trophy isn’t anything really fancy, I’m not a graphic artist and I just made it using Powerpoint, but I thought this would be a cool extra for the winning alliance to have a trophy with their name on it. Here’s the S1.com trophy for the winning alliance, TAG:

Click on the trophy to see a bigger version of it. The bigger version looks better.


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