The Stories of 08-09 Collected

I’ve finally finished entering the stories of Server 6 08-09 that people wrote on the forums onto this site, and now I can collect them into one post.

Thanks to all the writers who took the time to do these post-games write-ups. If you add these stories together, the total word count is over 32,000 words, which is very impressive. It just goes to show how much drama, events, and interesting situations come up during a single game of Travian.

I realise that I’ve dwelt on a little longer than I should have, but because it’s the last Travian 3.0 server on, I think it holds some special historical significance when it comes to Travian and that’s why I’ve taken the effort to put these stories on my site for future reference. On top of that, Server 6 was a very good server skill wise and it definitely was a showcase for Travian being played at its highest level. You couldn’t ask for a more fitting server to be the last Travian 3.0 game played.

I regret that I wasn’t able to get stories for the alliances CWL and MYTH, who were major factors on the outcome of the server.

Story #1: Oz

Story #2: LoD

Story #3: FUN

Story #4: Cho

Story #5: DINO


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