The Story of 08-09: Entry #3 (FUN)

The original posts in this story can be found here. I’ve edited it somewhat to keep it focused just on what happened in this round of Server 6. – Randomgeek


History of alliance Fighting United Now, a.k.a. FUN on s6, 2008-2009,
Written by Igor a.k.a. Cursez ( CZ )

The alliance FUN was created on previous server 6, by 4 people.. The democracy within the leadership was nullified by 1 of the leaders and FUN got its first solo leader who forcibly merged FUN with EMC, an enormous alliance. Soon before the end of the server, there were talks about restarting the server as FUN once again – now better and stronger and more organized. The remaining FUN leadership made a promise never to merge with a larger alliance again, no matter what.

It was agreed that the core elements of FUN are – Never merging, and having a Stronghold strategy – Settling a distant area, away from the center in order to make defending easier.

S6 soon got restarted and we begun. At the start I was given a position of Chief of Operations, meaning being offense and defense coordinator. I was given a place in the leadership and the leadership structure looked like this – 3 wings, FUN Flank (leaders VersusAllOdds and Cursez), FUN Main (leaders VioletV and rkw), FUN Lite (leaders Dootzkie and EAM). The FUN council consisted of these 6 personae, all having a equal vote.

Since the start, Flank wing was being led by 2 very active and devoted leaders – VAO and me. VAO did an excellent job training members – every single member started as a noob and soon became killing machine producing mass number of troops, and me at organizing defensive Operations killing hundreds, and later of thousands of troops.

FUN Lite as training wing was lead well by Dootzkie and EAM – they didn’t have a lot or work since their only job was to get their members to grow to later on join Main or Flank.

FUN Main was lead by 2 very weak and inactive leaders, VioletV and rkw.

The rift between 2 most important wings – Flank and Main was becoming bigger and bigger with each day passed. When getting raided, Main leaders were asking me to organize defensive operations for their members and were asking for Flank troops. We never hesitated to answer the calls for help but in time we started wondering and doubting FUN Main leader’s capabilities. Very soon we, VAO and myself, took the role of alliance diplomats and that’s where the shinny and fabulous FUN’s diplomacy started.

Our 3 neighbouring alliances were MNU, Heroes and NwM.

Heroes – Soon after the server start we approached Girasoul, =H= leader. We were interested in becoming confederation partners but we were refused – Gira wanted mergers only. This we took as a severe insult and we wanted to see the downfall of Heroes badly.

NwM – Alliance that was in war with Heroes. VAO got contacted by Armymen and was told that with FUN’s help, Heroes could fall. We greeted this offer with open hands and joined forces. We made a confederation and have started sending NwM defences against =H=. I consider this to be one of the biggest diplomatic successes we ever had. NwM was ranked No.1 alliance on the server with some very good players in it, also we were on the winning side and we tasted how a war looks like.

MNU – Alliance that we didn’t like, mostly cause of their notorious annoying diplomacy – Take all, give nothing in return. This is at least, how we looked at it. We were getting attacks from them frequently and we did our best in defending against those simple raids. The first coordinated hits from MNU occurred in the 7th week from the start from players Trilon and MxM against me. The success was huge and we got a defense medal. That same day, we were contacted by MNU main diplomat – Sarah. She said that MNU was impressed by the defensive Operation we pulled and very shortly an official NAP was agreed between FUN and MNU. The NAP served little to MNU but meant a lot to smallish and fragile FUN.

The position of FUN in the NW was more than good and it looked like this – Confed with NwM, NAP with MNU, no contact with =H=. We started shipping deff and resources to NwM in order to help them out against =H=. NwM was winning. Soon after, a joint talk between NwM, MNU and FUN representatives took place. It was agreed that all 3 alliances will ally against =H= very soon. Unfortunately, MNU didn’t keep its word and after several days we witnessed a full merge between =H= and MNU. The war stopped for some time and NwM was gathering forces. They started recruiting people and made new allies like DARK. We in FUN knew that the tides could turn against us at any time but we stayed loyal to our confeding NwM. One day Armymen disappeared. He left NwM in hands of Hera – little did he know that he doomed the alliance to fall not because of his absence, but because of the person he left NwM to.

We met Hera in that joint chat with MNU and we became friendly. I really liked her and considered her to be my friend. Soon after Armymen disappeared, she made Nikani and took in a big portion of the alliance destroying NwM without a drop of blood spilled. The rest of the players either joined MNU or deleted. 2 NwM players, Rayc and superkk decided to join FUN and I can’t express with the words how much they meant to us, especially Rayc.

We established a confederation with Nikani cause of our good relationship with Hera and everything was doing great. Hera and us shared a great anger and hate towards MNU and we planned their destruction. She promised us help god knows how many times and called MNU leaders bad names every day. I recognized a certain name in CWL alliance, alliance that both VAO and myself respected and feared a lot, and I decided to start a friendly conversation. That is how I met my very good friends justin and riko. We started chatting and soon the option for confederating CWL came to be. We were told that CWL is preparing for war against MNU and its only a matter of time before they march in. We accepted it with open hands and decided to wait.

Also we made contact with TL alliance and one of their leaders secretsniper. We established an unnoficial NAP with them and asked them to kick all the farms and invite all the best players in there, grow a little and we can have confederation. People didn’t like it, but it was a good decision for later on.

While the talks with CWL were taking place, MNU decided to drop the NAP with us. The only FUN’s contact within MNU was my good friend Dean, off Duffy Ave account. Attacks slowly started raining and we found ourselves in trouble. The time for Nikani to be true to their words has arrived and we started asking them for help. There were players in Nikani that respected FUN cause of the help they received while they were in NwM and we did get some small number of reinforcements once in a while and we had to send personal messages about it. Hera and her helper Hermes kept ignoring our defensive calls for help always dodging them, or asking some nonsense like – after speaking about the certain deff OP on skype with Hera, she told me to send her IGM and to repeat what I just said to her on skype. Once day we got a message from one of Nikani leaders a message that Nikani leaders decided to stay neutral in FUN-MNU battles. I still remember the taste of that betrayal in my guts. I was absolutely shocked and I still refused to believe that my very good friend Hera would go against her words. Her sweet words…

In these grim days we met some more people from CWL and we started devising plans how to attack MNU. We got rayc reinforced once against MNU attacks because it was beneficial for CWL to see MNU dead hammers cause they said they will attack them soon.

April came. VAO and I were speaking by phone deep into the night and then, april the 2nd I noticed several players from FUN alliance in Nikani T – one of Nikani wings. We were both very shocked and we kept talking about what to do and how untill 6 am. We went to sleep and I woke up at 10 and I had something very interesting to see – FUN Main wing was renamed Nikani F. FUN*F leaders and members were banned from official FUN forum and we were banned from trooptool as well. This was the breaking point for FUN alliance. The betrayal of Nikani alliance was obvious and no contact with them was tried because everything was clear. The HMR crew with whom VAO made contact were instantly merged as additional firepower and as great psychological effect. Alliance DTM was also merged and we became literally stronger than we were before FUN Main betrayed us. I instantly contacted my only friend from MNU – Dean of Duffy Ave and VAO and I explained to him the situation – we had numerous evidences that Hera is pro-LoD and that she is planning to attack MNU. After several days of very hard work ( 10 hours online in average ) we agreed to a unofficial NAP between MNU and we got the majority of people back from Nikani F. 2 days afterwards the war with Nikani started.

The war was miniature compared to big wars such as CWL vs ONE or MYTH vs LoD but it was absolutely brilliantly played. We had high and low level spies within Nikani ranks. We had their forum administrator, members in various wings and few hammer players who promised us they will not attack. I will be modest if I say that 95 % of deff OP’s were absolute success – we were always in the top deff players of the week. Most of the attacks were pathetic but nevertheless, we were killing all. We hardly attacked because we didn’t want to attack Nikani members who might liked us – we didn’t want Nikani to see us as aggressors. The war was played perfectly and I don’t think that there is a person besides VAO and me that will fully understand how great that war was lead by us.

 The time for CWL to invade NW came, as promised – 16th of april. I heard from riko that CWL are heading SE and not NW. My heart broke… All this time CWL was like waiting for the arrival of Jesus to come and save us all but they declared they are going against ONE. Riko, however, told me that CWL will help us defensively and I should speak to CWL HELL leader ChronisT – very friendly guy. I knew what the future would bring us. We couldn’t wait for several months for CWL to finish off ONE and I knew we will have to work together with MNU. I never asked ChronisT for any reinforcements because I didn’t want to use CWL like that – I didn’t want to spill their blood at our villages and then notify them that we are with MNU. This period of the game was very important for the future happenings in the NW. This is when we started our talks with Girasoul. She didn’t know much about us, only 1 thing – that we hated her because of her past stance towards us. Soon our relationship became better and we met more people from MYTH leadership.

After 2-3 weeks of awesome successes against Nikani – numerous defensive OP’s and numerous people we got to our side within their ranks, MNU renamed MYTH and begun their full scale attacks on Nikani as was agreed. Nikani was over in less than 8 hours from the first launches. It was very funny to watch the Nikani forum and people screaming there. Their forum was personification of total chaos and anarchy – people posting “Omg I have 100 incoming attacks what to do where are the leaders?!” and so on. Nikani weak leadership was disbanded and they went inactive. Nikani was looted and MYTH took in some players while FUN took only several. After Nikani was finished, the talks between FUN and MYTH started to develop and have been developing to this day…

At start of our talks, there were few problems – rkw & co, the players who betrayed us and merged FUN Main into Nikani, jumped ship to MYTH once they saw that Nikani is going to fail. Then the disrespective tone of few MYTH leaders towards us and of course, Dinosaur alliance lead by one of biggest MNU friends – Sarah.

Since the start we hated the leadership system of MYTH. It made us furious in hundreds of occasions. For starters they had huge council. Then the wing leaders had more power over their wings than the council. We considered this to b ea complete nonsense. We offered our loyalty in exchange of rkw & co being kicked out. Sounds simple, but we spent 3 months in hard talks with MYTH leaders to get them kicked. rkw & co were in MYTH-Z wing and their leader was Wrank – a person I wanted to pay a murder for. Soo many times was I irritated by him. I found this very disrespectful and strange – MYTH alliance has chosen few bad players – prooven scumbags instead of entire FUN alliance. After 2-3 months the leadership structure of MYTH changed – now they had 3 main councils who have a voting system. Rkw was kicked out soon and that chapter of our history was sealed.

In the meanwhile, we had problems with Dinosaur alliance. Since they were formed, we in Flank, were asked about a confederation but we considered Dinos to be unworthy of being on our alliance page. After some quarrels – like wanting Dinosaur croppers, and several diplomatic fights with Dinosaur leader, we finally put aside our differences and 3 alliances MYTH FUN and Dinosaur confederated and united the NW quadrant.

During our talks with MYTH the war with LoD started. We supported MYTH and we did that very well. We refused to attack LoD because MYTH didn’t do any favours towards us. Our term was – kick FUN traitors. Once they were kicked, we started attacking and we attacked LoD*NUT. TUA and NUT are, in my opinion, one of the worst alliances I’ve seen – we had spies in there and we witnessed selfish leaders asking for the deff for them only. Many villages we destroyed. During a month of off OP’s only 1 hammer was lost and that was at the very end of the fights.

We were offered once more the alliance of CWL but we had to refuse. We have already given our word to MYTH plus we met a lot of cool people in it so we couldn’t break the newly made bond between us.

It was agreed that NW and SL attack LoD and that no side lowers the pressure. Everything was good and then I noticed a lot attacks coming from SW – mostly from RUS alliance. Some1 wrote a very good post on the forum saying that CWL agrees and shakes hand with the right hand, while slaps you with their left hand – RUS. CWL folks refused to control RUS and it was very low move of theirs. Some time passed and we had Zoda incident – one of the worst betrayals on the servers. After these 2, it was clear that CWL is trying to weaken the NW while weakening NE so the ceasefire was declared between NW and NE. Soon after WW appeared and end game came and I am sure people know the rest of the story. We became MFD – the final stage of our good relationship with MYTH and Dinosaur alliances. It was agreed that we do not hit LoD until we balance SL out, meaning after they spend their hammers. After some time it was clear to both sides that SL has incredible firepower and that hitting each other would mean defeat for sure. Therefore, LMFAOD was created.

I am not very proud of it, to be honest, I would prefer MFD win, but it was the only way to aim to a win. Me as a leader, as a dreamer and as a person that always aimed for more, I am not impressed by this victory BUT – seeing what FUN alliance achieved from 10-15 players who were noobs, we got to affect the server wide decision making, to have our own WW holder and to be included in the name of 2 META’s – I find this a huge success. This accomplishment wouldn’t be possible without the excellent leadership team of FUN and excellent FUN membership. I thank all friends and foes of FUN alliance for making this server complete. I will be quitting travian after today. If you see some1 named Cursez somewhere, that’s not me – my friends will definitely recognize me. It hurts me to say that, FUN alliance will be disbanded after this server. Many people decided to quit travian due to real life, including most of the leadership as well. No matter you go FUNsters, you will always be remembered.

My opinion of the server is that it was a hard server, the best I’ve been on. We could see all kinds of things happening such as betrayals, good attacks, good defences, interesting Endgame run and blablabla. If you ask me we are all winners – all 4 quads. We all made this interesting being each other enemies and this is what the game is all about – having fun so I congratulate MFD, LoD, SL and ONE on a job well done and on a server won.


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