For people leaving comments

Please keep your comments on this site free of personal attacks, insults, and flames. I won’t allow flames to be posted here. If you have something valid to say but your comment contains insults, I’ll edit out the insults and leave the stuff that actually has a point to it. I’m not going to allow flame-wars on this site like they do on the Travian forums. Stuff like that is lame and pointless and no one wants to read it.

Leaving your e-mail when you leave a comment is a good idea, that way the system can automatically recognize you, and I can contact you if I want to ask you for any further information.

Thanks to everyone who does leave comments on this site. Most of you are respectful, even towards your opponents or to people you don’t like, and I appreciate that. Please continue to leave comments if you have something to say about anything posted on this site.


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