The Story of 08-09: Entry #2 (LoD)

The History of LoD and the Northeast Quad as written by Red from the simethered account (disclaimer, while much of this was available for comment all of the observations and comments here are from Red and interested contributors, and is not a reflection of the whole of LoD) :

Hi all. I’ve thrown this together tonight and I am getting input from all over about the smaller wings etc. to go into a “History of S6” that Ceril is putting together. She requested this in that she stated that many people enjoyed learning more behind the scenes stuff after last S6 and this kind of thing does help put bad feelings aside after the fighting is over – but I’ve only let out a few things here.

This is a long read and it will get longer – but everyone in this room deserves a right to comment or edit. When you have time, please indulge me with a read. I am contacting Frank and fickle for NEO and TUA pasts before LoD and how they feel things happened from the smaller wings perspectives.


All of last November Galt and Mojeaux worked long hours planning for this run. Those plans were executed over the first month of this run to a great deal of success. From the beginning the leadership that formed held honour and honesty on the level of Sime and enforced by him with his sage wisdom and steadfast example to all how this game should be played. Galt and Mojeaux captained this ship through the beginning of the server and followed the aforementioned goals both espoused. A word from Mojeaux:

“One reason we went NE and formed SuS was to counter a possible FFH reincarnation. We figured with Sime and Galt’s advertising that we would have a revenge plot on us. It never showed. Two weeks into the server we encountered a player named Tye who recognized SuS’ skills and was recruited. We were astonished by the former FFH off coordinator’s skill and integrity. He allowed us to recruit some other FFH figures lead by one Redneck Woman. We liked them and quickly felt they fit in with us. So we decided to put our trust in them and brought them into the fold. They returned that trust 10 fold. Without them we wouldn’t be here in the position to win.”

The Dark Alliance was our main opponent early on and they knew not that LoD had a sister alliance in Serve Us Sushi, headed by the SuS pirate Phos who took no quarter and spared none. After a bit of early war, LoD and SuS unified officially as was intended from the beginning on Valentine’s Day with a public note to the DARK alliance The following is an excerpt from Pelleon’s opinions of these times from the DARK perspective along with some comment:

“Basically, us in DARK were trying to find a way to form a combined alliance at the time of our ceasefire in January. We felt that the stance LoD took with us was too inflexible and didn’t accurately reflect the realities of power (lol). That meant we had to start making a deal with SuS in order to try and convince LoD that working together was the way forward for the quad (little did we know…). I won’t go into the debates regarding the diplomacy that went down as that would serve no useful purpose. At the end of the ceasefire, war broke out as all parties knew it would. DARK tried to keep it from escalating to no avail, so the fight was on.

For an alliance that didn’t have the benefit of organization before server start, we managed to do well enough, improving our coordination primarily on the defence side of things. We were mostly holding our own, though with DARK being smaller it was clear we could not keep that up indefinitely. So we had to look for allies (anyone remember NWM? Major fail in that alliance right there). Then the SuS surprise was sprung on the server (SuS = Surprise us Shockingly?) and we knew that we had tough times ahead. We cast about for help (ARMOR among the attempts) and found a very little (NKVD(RU) was willing), but it was clear that would not help us in the end. When casting about for assistance, we also recruited WAR and ~DU~ (remember them?), who we thought might make some fine additional members after we had the chance to ditch the chaff from those alliances (that’s probably why it appeared that we were going to use them as meat shields, but we really had no intention of doing that). Of course, these alliances betrayed that deal after one day, with the Morpheus and Jyrgen leading the way.

And let’s not forget the defection of what used to be the CyFans alliance members, PopMyTaco being the one that hurt most as he was our offensive planner at the time. That really stung morale.

In short: LoD managed to destroy DARK more from the inside than on the battlefield. A lesson well learned and put into practice to great effect on s7, I might add.

All this time, the diatribe on the forums was bitter and incensed many DARK members, while on the personal level, some of our members were defecting to LoD. In the end, I made the incredible mistake of talking to Rob and found to my intense shock that he was nicer in IGMs than on the forum. The talks we had led to some understanding, and talks with Si led to more diplomacy. A proposal was made to the DARK members and accepted, merging the two alliances.

Alas, I’ve been stuck with you lot ever since, when I could have been evicted from the server and have had some peace and quiet. You’ve grown on me though (sort of like moss, I think), so I’m returning the favor and you lot get stuck with me in turn.

It was during this time that Si and I swapped duty with diplomacy for all of LoD as he stepped down from leadership for a break. After a few more exchanges the Dark Alliance Players voted and agreed to join us and we moved forward with Pelleon and Author joining our leadership. Admittedly we got some inside information there in DARK to validate some things but I leave it to the individual involved if desired to tell it.

February brought about a surprise where one of our own that joined another alliance was voted to lead the alliance Blood, Phineasgage brought those that met our standards in and the others went to holding wings for training and growth. Things began to gel as we welcomed our new DARK brothers and sisters and the Blood players. March began the MYTH/LoD war start after a horrible exchange in which it became apparent to LoD that there were many chiefs running things in MYTH. LoD thought this could be leveraged similar to what CWL did/was doing in the SE. In response we talked to Nikani and also to FUN, about their interests in the NW. We pledged support should either turn against the seemingly chaotic MYTH and then *poof* but they were eventually merged with MYTH proper and Nikani disappeared. I still kept trying with FUN but always was denied. March also brought about rapid growth and expansion, along with the recognition of a surprising group of players in three wings of the ROT alliance headed by BlueManGroup, Bud Nelson, and Cypsteel. Our diplomacy turned into mutual admiration and in April the simethered account moved into ROT to pay an extended visit and meet and greet the players there. Eventually the best of ROT merged with LoD with a full leadership position at the table given to BMG, who has honoured us since along with all of the former ROT members. His comments follow:

“Founded by BudNelson and BlueManGroup at the start of the server, our goal was simple:  create an alliance based on the principles of good communication, patience, discipline and common sense.  We had just finished another server where none of those traits were present and it was a nightmare.  Our vow to each other and to each new member was to be a better alliance than we were before.

Our first major acquisitions came from the Dark Knights (TGA-DK) and Floating Point Exception (FPE-0), who together made ROT an alliance to be noticed.  With the addition of PTT, ROT became a 3-wing alliance and suddenly was “a player” in the NE.  It was also at this time that we knew we couldn’t survive on our own, no matter how much we wanted to.  We were approached by LoD, SuS and DARK, each wanting us to join with them.  In the end, we joined with LoD to become their fifth wing, LoD*ROT, on March 29.

Since that time, LoD*ROT has been a Top 10 Defender 5 times and a Top 10 Attacker 10 times, including back-to-back #1 Attackers in Weeks 35 & 36.  Occupying the heart of the NE, LoD*ROT has provided support for all LoD wings along the NW and SE borders and, during endgame, for the Bleucheez WW.”

May saw first waves of war from NW to NE and the flames were fanned into outrage between Myth and LoD. It also started a relationship with ARMOR held to this day. ARMOR rallied together and expressed desire to join LoD.

June wrought words from TUA on forming allies. LoD standards were shared with TUA as was with ARMOR. ARMOR did a fantastic job in having all members meet the requested standards – and as such they were granted the path they decided upon under the direction of Terix. fickle1, founder of TUA adds her thoughts:

“TUA was formed over 2 years ago by trogs and me , a lot of players from other servers joined us here at the beginning of this server , both trogs and myself ran a wing but trogs eventually deleted handing his wing over to someone else . having started about 2 weeks into the server we were surrounded by myth and czech players so decided to move into a “safezone” near the border between NE and NW , this opened up a lot of new farms for us but unfortunately FUN also settled in our area . At first we had an unofficial NAP with them which they kept breaking thanks to some ex nikani players they had recruited . But we gained strength and wings with strangelove eventually breaking off to form NUT wing for the strongest players and me with the slightly weaker players in an effort to help them grow . We knew early that we would not have the power to build a WW thanks to our constant battles with fun and myth so started to look around for a strong alliance . Thats when we opened negotiations with LoD and after a lot of negotiations and inspections ! our main two wings became LoD wings with all the other smaller TUA wings eventually joining as well to assist in the end game. I’d like to thank all the officers especially strangelove and also all the members who stuck with us through some very hard times but stayed the course and never quit on us despite all the attacks and losses.”

TUA formed two wings to be checked for admission to LoD and LoD*NUT was born. This rankled MYTH a great deal and they immediately wanted us to remove them from confed, but our word had already been given. Once given, never betrayed. We tried FUN as well, but you know how that ended . We waved a confed and NW WW site at them but they stood by MYTH all the way. Here’s to FUN for holding the word given.

July ushered in the beginning of a long-term relationship with TUA*NEO and Frank1982. Words from Frank1982:

“LoD*NEO started off with very humble beginnings. Most of us were in the NW initially near the centre of the map. A couple of us signed up to the ill-fated PunisherNW alliance which didn’t last long. We broke away and formed our own alliance which we named SG3 or more commonly known as Stargate. It was there that we grew as an alliance and progressed forward. Naturally we had incursions on our players by all the larger alliances but we stood fast and continued to grow ourselves. With the demise of the Stargate meta, I searched for a new Meta and this was where we found Hera, Nick and Nikani. We became Nikani O, or Nikani “Outback”, this was because we had chosen to affiliate ourselves with LoD in the NE and we started to set up shop in the back end of the NE. There we grew and managed our armies. When Myth Toppled Nikani, we were the only ones of them to remain in tact but considering the multiple attacks we faced we seeked out a new affiliation. This I found in Fickle1 and the TUA group. We were accepted as a large wing and soon became known as TUA-NEO. When TUA were incorporated initially with lod, I chose to keep out as I felt we were not ready. It was then later down the line that simethered joined us and gave us the rights to a full lod wing. NEO was the founder of another brotherhood alliance in the form of LoD*NTW, NEO was also instrumental in granting the CH group TUA rights as well as RGU. As LoD we have assisted the 330WW and we brought a new alliance in for support in the form of LoD-MERC. “

MFD and LoD continued to talk, but most of it was frustrating crap and finger-pointing and outrageous demands (from LoD’s opinion). Here is the beginning of exhaustion on many of LoD’s efforts to calm the waters with MFD. July also began the dissolution of ONE in the SW to our dismay, and this heightened LoD concerns for survival. Finally in a summer of change, Galt and Mojeaux stepped down from the helm of the LoD command and passed the duty to Phos and Rob/smallgreenblur/pigpigying.

August experienced ONE dissolution and part of the border ONE becoming LoD*BO. Redneck Woman got an alliance of subjects claiming her as their Queen. SL began the first attacks on LoD. LoD realizes combat vs. MFD/SL/OZ is imminent. LoD begins looking at the rest of server, facing 3v1 that gives a crap for joining LoD. After all failed attempts to reconcile with MFD, LoD resolves to fight MFD to the end and ruin any chance of them winning the server and throws odds to the wind in the face of the upcoming endgame due to the gathering storm. I personally visited the smaller alliances to rally the players together and get an eye on how the structure was in leadership of each. It was at this point that I was working many things diplomatically between leadership of the smaller wings and the rest of leadership with LoD. I talked to more in the SE as well that expressed any interest. I also think the final reorganization of our wings took place in August, with players moving to geographical alignment for better logistical efforts. Therefore, ROT players moved to other wings, for DARK and SHDW had moved a couple of times etc. We kept the names on the wings to honor the history of these players and I hope to get some history from the smaller alliances as well pre-LoD.

September started with massive attacks on LoD from all angles. With our frustration against MFD we resolved to continue fighting them alone. LoD decided to defend and insert against SL attacks as we could not fight the server. Many of the other smaller wings that respected LoD we brought into confed during our darkest hour as the natars arrived. We were resolved to our fate – then a miracle happened and Si resurged by negotiating a ceasefire with MFD and the hostilities ceased to gather breath and talk. ZoDa exploded in MFD. Desert Fox exploded and took LoD*BO with him with the sole purpose of fighting SL. Kareem and MTK exploded in LoD and the 330/29 WW was down to 3 pop at one point after that betrayal. EVO was formed by Kareem on another account with some LoD deserters that started to attack our smaller wings. The following are comments from one of the co-leaders of MTK and explain what happened there: Rombas explains:

“We started early at the server as group of people mostly good players. I wasnt so experienced back then. I was picked at by Lod’s who we started as friends with them. We still managed to get ourselves back together and make a better thing together and in that trip of survival I met with shisha and Kareem and started working together very good, then I guess people got greedy and wanted to have more powers in their hands and not shared .

Kareem was a great leader in many ways – had a talent of making connections with many people in good positions in various alliances – uniting many people who came from different places during the merge we made to form MTK. After surviving a potential war with BBQ due to an ex leader’s stupidity me and Kareem took over leadership

Until at one point for reasons I don’t know Kareem decided to disband MTK and blow all the good hard work we did together along with all the players who were in our group.

At that time Kareem and bluemosaic along with SOME (NOT ALL) of NUT players and some other Lod wings decided to leave and join EVO, with the plan in their mind which is to manage somehow hurt LOD. After they failed to ruin the simethered account from within, they had a back up plan which was either to steal the plan from him or to manage somehow to damage him as much possible from both his offense and defense.
And I guess they did a good job at that even if was at the cost of losing their own villages and having to delete (edit: they caused us to focus on them, yes but then they saw what real armies and wings can do – Simethered) but I didn’t see any sign of regret as some of those deleted as to them they were done to their target close to what they had in mind and the others only deleted to follow with their buddiesto other servers as it was meaningless to them to stay around after that.

As for me and who was left of my alliance, some did go along with Kareem’s stories and turn against me and my leadership which wasnt really perfect anyways and some left as they were not of the material that would stay and fight with us as they were either lucky to grow that big but not well experienced anyways, or because they got too busy with real life issues to keep up with the game. Anyways I had Simethered who’s a friend and helped me and since then things are calm and kinda boring. I started with supplying for Simethered’s WW. Then I was finally online after around 8 days away due to the internet connection being down at home, but I am now in family’s house in Alexandria (Thank God they are connected here), so I got to know more about the updates. Simethered’s WW got a bad hit so now there is another main WW to supply as it has a better chance of wining, still we should keep some supplies going to Simethered’s WW too. I am doing that well so far as whilst I was away I managed to use mobile to login and build troops every where so I had some saved to send to Leathals World Wonder too and still keep some back to send Simethered’s way. 🙂 “

Jussy of CH alliances shares her alliance history:

“C-H according to C-H~

Most C-H players spawned mid server – back in April – out in the middle of nowhere! For many it was their first server and a steep learning curve. Friendships were  made with some delightful local LoD players who must have been amused by these newly arrived « future farms » stubbornly refusing to give them any resources. C-H became farmers and negotiators fast!

C-H~ has it’s roots in *SPQR* founded by Audreaxo who built his team promoting unity and hard work. Audreaxo initiated a “New Village Program” superbly managed by Xecutioner and unlike many other similar programmes it was a huge success. With a good alliance base established, Audreaxo temporarily handed the leadership over to Xecutioner who continued the great work . Xecutioner negotiated the merging of *SPQR* with RAYLIN bringing in more keen local players,  two of which would later become leadership. Under Xecutioner’s management “The New Village program” was continued by new member Janal from RAYLIN.  Audreaxo returned to full leadership and Kalaman from RAYLIN became co-leader. Smaller alliances such as VIII joined up and Audreaxo got his diplomat – Jussy.  Audreaxo’s negotiations with the delightful PhilEVO81 were a success and local meta C-H (Crimson Horde) was born – consisting of C-H^, C-H* and C-H~. Focus became end game. C-H^’s huge block of villages had new neighbours joining – all hoping a wonder village would turn up near the « stonghold »  (sadly not the case). The goal was simply to make it through to Natar arrival in one piece with a dream of perhaps being a part of a win! We joined TUA and entered a whole new larger world. Sadly some of the leadership from C-H involved with this merger have since deleted due to lost battles and real life issues. Although we keep in regular contact with Julius1 who built C-H* before being destroyed in relentless attacks. PhilEvo81 left to get married and Hikone and El-Lobo continued to build C-H^. Friendships were made with TUA players and a highly active and amusing skype forum was enjoyed by many. TUA-C-H were delighted to become a LoD wing after a lovely welcome from our new good friend Red – just in time for Natar arrival. As late starters having an end game was a surprise and delight. The    battles became major and inserts skills were improved fast – there have never been farms at C-H so onslaughts from alliances such as EVO meant the inevitable.
Leadership makes and breaks alliances, Audreaxo’s personal obligations meant handing over the controls to Jussy and Janal who willingly accepted with Audreaxo and Kalaman stepping down as co-leaders to become co-counsel. The end game was steered by these two determined women and players got to help their wonders – fast build support villas…and had a very enjoyable party. S-L support villas were squashed, new local wars with S-L sympathisers were started. There were flash chiefings and some very overworked catas. Towards the end Rkcj1 helped keep us motivated and organised our battles whilst we diligently fed crop to wonders, faked, built, stole and destroyed..hehe what fun!!! The leadership is honoured to have been given a chance to work with a group of such enthusiastic, intelligent and loyal people. We have enjoyed some fine times with good new friends.  Many C-H players new to Travian are now on other servers – all new addicts..We’ll be around for some time….”

SL spammed as they had the entire server on the public forums with as much derision as ever about a ceasefire. Personally this was a real roller coaster ride of a month.

October brought plans and endgame began in earnest. Lines got drawn. LoD and MFD continued talks about our separate fates re: SL. SL spammed incessantly on the public forums wanting to drive a wedge in between. Both sides saw it for what it was and discussed strategy. Public forum derision from SL began turning hardliners from both sides of the MFD/LoD war to new thoughts never considered. It ended with a public announcement of intentions. A fine group of warriors from many LoD wings faced down and eliminated the threat of EVO led by Redneck Women and Scorpios with successful after successful waves of attacks until the threat was eliminated – most of EVO deleted.

November is now in it’s waning few remaining hours. Hammers have been gathered and launched. WWs have been hit with myriad degrees of success. So far, it has been a rather even battle for the endgame. The Lowca, Sergei Molotov, and raptor accounts stepped up to offer some much needed help with plotting out SL hammers and WW planning. The work done to gather SL hammer information was simply brilliant with a lot of time invested that *almost* killed off three the hammers launched at the 330/29 WW site. LoD gained the best chance they had to win the server with the work of Sime talking with MFD and remaining ONE to unite after getting publicly assaulted with hacking accusations. The server was never uglier with that 27 page thread calling LoD and MFD everything under the sun and it united us in our efforts. LoD stole some construction plans from SL.

I do not know yet what December will bring but I know it will not be boring. I see six level 90 WWs split evenly between the North and South. Neither LoD or MFD or ONE would have had as good of a chance to win without the others (and SL would have crushed the divided in my opinion) – and all stood together with words true. All server long the main factions have had MM exchanged care of spywork so the final slog on the battlefield is being played out as we speak. Sooner rather than later this run will end one day when someone hits lvl 100 WW. Hammers are flying and final solutions being plotted. Whoever wins it, congratulations for a well-played round.

Finally, on a more personal note: I don’t harbor personal ills to my enemies, for this is a game and next run you may be allies – also I know that many have had personal RL tragedies and as such this game just gets small in perspective. All the best for you and yours outside of this game. I know of a few whom I have come to know as much as text can tell you of another and regard them as friends – and they will not be returning for a while to the game for a well deserved respite. Enjoy it and I look forward to “seeing” you again. Thank you for sharing this wild ride and allowing me into some of your lives.

Thank you to SL for giving us the challenge. Thank you to all in MFD who also gave us more challenges and later camaraderie for the final acts. Thank you to ONE for fighting the good fight and never quitting completely. LoD realizes that MFD and ONE shared a much broader border with SL and thus had more direct action with them.

Thank you to a player named SuperWolfie, that acted as a special envoy first in the NE and later s6 in talking to others while being outside of LoD proper. We wish you the best in real life with your new love. Thank you to every confed and NAP’d alliance leaders and players that supported LoD in our darkest days. Thank you to LoD leadership for giving me the friendship and trust and many long days and nights of conversations and work. A personal thank you to every wing that let the simethered account in as I met so many great people. A heartfelt thank you to every LoD brother and sister – we’ve had some entertaining times (not to mention the ladies of the LoD WTC!). If you haven’t been included here yet I’m sorry – but thank you. Finally, thank you for the example that you are Si and giving me a chance to learn how dualling is the best and helping me improve my game skills – anytime you want it, you got it.

LoD has had its first server together with all its ups and downs and adjustments along the way. Could some things have been done differently? Sure. Mistakes? Everyone made them. Learn and move on. There will be a great deal of improvement for the next time we gather. I’m sure there is room here for a little more, so please share it if you have it. To those returning with this group next time we run – enjoy the break.


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  1. Nobody was suprised by SuS and LoD joining together, original DARK leadership operated on the assumption that they were together. However they like to think it was a brilliant maneuver, but it had ZERO effect on DARK.

    DARK was destroyed from the inside, not by anything LoD did but a personal split from their original leadership. The details are irrelevant, but DARK was in a position to recruit whomever they wanted, players or alliances.

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