The Story of 08-09: Entry #1 (Oz)

After the end of Server 6, several players wrote long accounts of the events of the entire server from start to finish. Over the next few days, I will be posting these stories on my site, starting with this post, written by Ceril, who was a member of the alliance Oz, and formerly a member of the alliance ONE.

These accounts are told by the players themselves and I want to make clear that I didn’t have anything to do with writing them myself.

Because the length of these stories are quite long, only the first part will appear on the main blog page, and there will be a link at the bottom of the post for you to click on in order to read the rest of it.

Without any further adieu, here is Ceril’s Server 6 Diary:


Ceril’s Server Six Diary

I write this from my own perspective but try to stay as true to the events as they have happened as I can. The diary is mainly written for all former One members so they finally will know what happened behind the scenes. My memory isn’t that exact, but this is as close as I can remember.

Fall 2008

Midgård Begins

After endgame on se1 what would become Midgård is formed by former friends and enemies. We decide to start on com6 and pick a Norse mythology theme. Not the most unique one but we are amusing ourselves. Dancer is elected to lead us and he plays under the name Oden. Myself and 2 others agree to play under the Tor account. Our first plan was to land in the NE and had a placeholder for a spy in LoD already planted. We later heard rumours that 2 other large groups would land there so in the last minute we switched to the SE.

The early game is full of energy and laughs. The Midgård crew is fun and a joy to play with. Except the Swedish players we pick up a few really great players early on; Nia, Firebird, Neil1878, Pepperoni, Sulla etc.  After establishing ourselves, we start to take notice of our neighbors

The political set up in the SE

The political landscape in the SE consists of a multitude of alliances. After a couple of weeks the major alliances seem to be:

Midgård – That is us.

JBG/Lopovi – they try to hide to make it seem they are several alliances but we do some googling and with Google translate we find out their plan to take the best Slovenian and Croatian players and dominate the SE.

SYN – A small group of REVO veterans from last server. Led by Ice. We expect this to be a major player.

WK – War kingdom. The largest single power in the SE with 11 wings.  Led by Middlesome, who led this primarily Thai alliance on previous s6. WK seems to have a few good players but lots of farms and inactive players.

RO-HT A core of Romanian players lead by kaos_ad. Around that core there seems to be lots of pretty small and inexperienced players.

WaR – A small alliance led by a few aggressive players, among those Zorlin, and Poxtops leads the pack.

L.O.O.M/B.O.O.M etc – several wings, all ending with .O.O.M.

ReF/SeF- A small group of aggressive veteran Romanian players that were not associated with RO-HT

RO-HT is confederated with L.O.O.M and has a NAP with WaR. They are also seeking to get a NAP with Midgård. Oden was rather cold to the proposal.

Midgård, Lopovi, and the creation of Project

Midgård is too small to take on the SE by ourselves so we start looking for friends in the neighbourhood. The Slovenian alliances or SYN are considered the prime choices. We are in contact with both groups but as things develop we get close to the Slovenians rather fast. We agree on a non public confed, I don’t say secret, nothing is secret when shared among the members of an alliance.

Knights who say nii, who leads the Slovenian group, suggests we merge the alliances, so that it is easier to lock down the quad, but also to more easily attract the better players in the SE. SYN have been very successful in recruiting, but neither Midgård, nor the Slovenians have been so. Both groups have been in talks with SYN to discuss cooperation. At the same time as we are discussing a merge a player using the forum name Lore posts revealing our non-public confed even before leaders can announce it to membership. [1]

Knights tells us he is 99% certain Lore is thegenrom from SYN, who created lots of waves on the forum under the name Rorschach SE last server. We are warned he and Ice will try to manipulate the server. I wonder why they would reveal this when we are in talks about cooperation.  Only later on does he tell me that the purpose of the post was to show that SYN was unpredictable and would better friends than enemies.  In actuality this had the opposite effect as it made us more suspicious of SYN and their true intentions.

Project and CWL

Oden and Knights co-lead our merged alliance Project. We are a small group around Oden that he uses for discussions and for advice. He has previously told us Lopovi has a hidden ally in another squad, but he isn’t allowed to tell us who. He had given our allegiance to them as we merged. Now he reveals that the hidden ally is CWL in the SW.

Project and SYN

During the talks with SYN, a document with SYN’s strategy regarding the server and the SE falls into our hands. We are pretty sure it’s a plant, and thegenrom of SYN would later admit that he leaked it for the purpose of guiding our policy.  Although this only further deepens our suspicions about SYN, we find the reasoning to be sound.[2] To lock down the quad we will need SYN, or perhaps even more importantly if we don’t cooperate with them, they will join in on WK’s side and effectively spoil the SE if they are not made a part of the larger quad meta.  After a long negotiation between Ice, Oden, and Knights, filled with distrust from both sides, SYN and Project agree to a confed. The agreement is that Project and SYN will be confederated through endgame.

After posting on the public forum, I get a PM from Ice. After that we start talking on Skype. It’s the start of one of my most important friendships. However, in the beginning, our relationship is wary.

Rather soon we have a long chat where Ice describes SYN’s alternate plans if they had not got a confederation deal with Project. I listen with fascination to her different plans which all aim to tearing Project apart pr completely destabilizing the SE as an effective power base.

War with WK

Project and SYN discuss if we should start by taking on WaR or WK. The choice falls on WK, simply due to their size. Better get rid of the larger threat. Just as we are about to declare war WK changes names to Straw, and reorganizes to one elite wing, and a fewer number of support wings.[3] The war is brief, and in some places fierce, but Straw only has a handful players who fight back. In about 3 weeks Straw is broken, and all that remains are small pockets of resistance. WK’s leader, Middlesome, deletes bringing an official end to the war.

WaR, L.O.O.M, and LoW

As we are finishing off Straw, WaR realizes that they are likely next in line. To prepare for the coming war, they attacked L.O.O.M and their wings to bolster their ranks.  L.O.O.M is confederated with RO-HT and turn to their allies for help. Kaos_ad, leader of RO-HT declines to help them and waits out the conflict. Their war is brief and it ends with WaR and L.O.O.M merging and forming LoW, Leage of Warriors.  After the war it is now clear that Project/SYN and LoW are on a collision course.  Poxtops contacts both SYN and Project to try to get a confed, both decline. Publically, RO-HT grants LoW a confederacy, while privately kaos_ad pledges loyalty to The Project.  SYN refuses to make any deals with RO-HT.

When the top players in LoW realize they will be plunged into a bloody war they are not prepared for, they contact first Project, and without my knowledge SYN, to try to save their most active players.  Their compassion for the future of their comrades touches me.

At the same time kaos_ad makes a side deal with valourveil, L.O.O.M’s former leader, and immediately absorbs one of LoW’s O.O.M. wings.  Project and SYN are not happy, as they have been denied both a war and recruitment.  Kaos_ad and I agree that both take on 10 players each. The reason for limiting this is to ensure we don’t break up the alliance. Kaos_ad then goes to valourveil and tells him we will recruit players from LoW-A, and valourveil blows a fuse, cries “betrayal”, kicks out all players in LoW-B, and LoW-C, and takes 10 with him to RO-HT

LoW-A is now left alone, and we have 70 players who have been kicked out from LoW and abandoned by their leader, who has fled into RO-HT. I realize there isn’t going to be a war. Ice and I have a chat with Zorlin and Enkidu, leaders of  LoW, and we split the active LoW-A players between SYN and Project.  Project absorbed the players and for us that was the end of this matter.

Lore writes a poem about this. Key: OOM = L.O.O.M and wings, vulture/buzzard=kaos_ad, lioness of Thunder= Ceril (then I played on Tor), Lioness of Ice=Ice, buffalo=LanLing [4]

The forming of One, and the relationship with CWL

In the SE

Both Oden and Knights fade away as active leaders. For all practical purposes Nordex and I run Project. Not because we want, but because noone else is there. He is a joy working with. Nordex is smart, very level headed, and pragmatic, The relationship between The Project and SYN is still strained by a strong sense of distrust.

Our players grow restless and want a war. At the same time irritation with RO-HT grows as they take in farms and all small players they can lay their hands on. Our players feel their development is hindered. A pressure to go to war with RO-HT is being built up. I resist since I feel they have been helping us in the war against Straw and have been loyal to us. Ice is much more suspicious of kaos_ad and RO-HT claiming that RO-HT is using their special relationship with Project and SYN  as a safe harbor and recruting tool to grow his alliance with farms and sub-par players. At this time RO-HT is almost larger in membership than both Project and SYN combined, however the quality of their membership is extremely less.

A discussion about our future cooperation is started and Ice, kaos_ad, and I start a discussion about forming a formal meta or merging together. Our players are anxious to go to war, and CWL wants us to war LoD as soon as possible so I want to wrap up the SE as fast as possible. We still have some groups in the SE, Goons and ReF/SeF, we have to deal with. I want to take on ReF/SeF as soon as possible. Kaos_ad gets very upset and asks me to leave them alone since they are his friends.


I am getting to know the CWL leaders. Since our confed officially is secret I am given access to their forum under a taken name. They are a chaotic gang to say the least. They are extremely suspicious of SYN and Ice and want Project to break the confed with SYN and go to war with them. The motivation is that they suspect SYN to be secretly confederated with LoD. The proof they claim to have is one MM sent in LoD saying that LoD and SYN have an informal NAP, and one statement from an LoD leader stating that he thought LoD and SYN would be together for the rest of the server. There is also another side to them where I get to know InSaNe (CWL-InSaNe) account. He’s a very bright man who really cares for his players. I am starting to enjoy our conversations a lot.

Regarding SYN, some action must be taken.  At first, I am skeptical of the allegations. I want to stay faithful to the confederacy agreement we have made with SYN as our policy is to honor our agreements or not make them at all. CWL is not happy with this stance and a senoir CWL leader, Riko (CWL-Justin), tells me flatly that “Some deals were meant to be broken.” I disagree. CWL insists and makes a case for SYN being agents of LoD.  I am prepared to war if I feel SYN has betrayed us, but something simply doesn’t feel right. Why would SYN make a deal with LoD? What do they gain from that? It would make them LoD’s meat shields against us. LoD would gain from such a deal but definitely not SYN.

On CWL alliance culture

For those who have never come in contact with the CWL alliance culture, this is a chat where the matter was discussed way later.

[2009-05-05 22:36:01] Ceril skriver: aleXX_III sent an IGM to congratulate Wuwwy. RUSAL have a completely different attitude than CWL. It is kinda strange.
[2009-05-05 22:36:14] yyy skriver: yeah I’ve not understood that relationship completely
[2009-05-05 22:36:17] yyy skriver: CWL seem to run it all
[2009-05-05 22:36:23] yyy skriver: but RUS are their own people
[2009-05-05 22:36:28] Ceril skriver: But RUSAL has better fighters
[2009-05-05 22:36:45] Ceril skriver: They are better coordinated and they keep going more
[2009-05-05 22:37:06] yyy skriver: interesting
[2009-05-05 22:37:07] yyy skriver: didn’t know that

[2009-05-05 22:37:36] Ceril skriver: For CWL players I have seen a pattern. When you first talk with them over IGM they thump their chests and go “I just want to KILL” but in different phrasings.
[2009-05-05 22:37:54] Ceril skriver: After a while you get under that facade and they are as nice and cuddly as everyone else
[2009-05-05 22:37:56] yyy skriver: they talk a lot there about smashing stuff
[2009-05-05 22:38:16] Ceril skriver: But they don’t reveal that until they are somewhat confident you will not tell anyone
[2009-05-05 22:38:26] yyy skriver: aww
[2009-05-05 22:38:28] yyy skriver: bless
[2009-05-05 22:39:15] Ceril skriver: I spoke quite a lot with the CWL leaders and that was bizzare
[2009-05-05 22:39:22] Ceril skriver: They have different “modes”
[2009-05-05 22:39:25] yyy skriver: lol
[2009-05-05 22:39:27] yyy skriver: howso?
[2009-05-05 22:40:16] Ceril skriver: When they are waiting for someone or something they chat/spam and it is very much “n00dz, babes, balls” etc. Very rude and a very special code in which they talk. Very superficial.
[2009-05-05 22:40:42] yyy skriver: rofl
[2009-05-05 22:42:42] Ceril skriver: Then when you get down to business they switch modes and are pretty tough but also extremely polite
[2009-05-05 22:42:51] Ceril skriver: No sex, no n00ds, and no goats
[2009-05-05 22:43:00] Ice skriver: goats?
[2009-05-05 22:43:14] Ceril skriver: Sex with goats…
[2009-05-05 22:43:50] Ice skriver: well I am glad not to have been in those convos

[2009-05-05 22:44:08] Ceril skriver: Then when you talk with them one on one they usually let go of the tough facade and talk about hopes, dreams, them wanting to have children….those things we all do
[2009-05-05 22:44:30] Ceril skriver: For then to switch to business talk where they can start yelling at the top of their lungs
[2009-05-05 22:44:40] Ceril skriver: Bizarre
[2009-05-05 22:44:50] Ice skriver: wow I guess they actually maybe human afterall
[2009-05-05 22:44:57] yyy skriver: haha
[2009-05-05 22:44:58] Ceril skriver: You could get a doctor’s degree just by studying the alliance culture
[2009-05-05 22:44:59] yyy skriver: ofc they are
[2009-05-05 22:45:06] yyy skriver: they just have spent a long time online in the same group
[2009-05-05 22:45:53] Ice skriver: but still they can be extermely, extremely offensive on the forums . . . .
[2009-05-05 22:46:11] yyy skriver: yup

CWL’s man in SYN

Aenea is a CWL leader, but also CWL’s spy in SYN. He has however had a slightly different approach to his assignments than usual spies. After observing SYN’s culture and activity he decided that undermining SYN would not be helpful to CWL and that SYN would be better allies than enemies.  On making this decision, he approached Ice, leader of SYN,  and told her of his relationship with CWL. Another leader may have been upset and kicked him out, but Ice appreciated his honesty, smiled, and kept him on. Aenea is convinced that there is no deal between LoD and SYN and favours a continued relationship between Project and SYN as the best path to secure a strong SE ally for CWL.

The unification of the SE

CWL discusses that their long term plans are to attack MNU in the NW, and have Project attacking LoD in the NE so that neither LoD or MNU can team up.  CWL, who already has their quad under control, starts preparing for war against MNU, the only thing delaying these plans is the unifiation of the SE.

On the unification front, the relationship between Project and RO-HT has seriously deteriorated.  Kaos_ad has twice come to me claiming LoD will attack us in 3 week’s time. Once the first time limit had passed, he came again claiming they will attack in 3 weeks. I am contacted by Mojo (Nemesis account), the leader of LoD. We talk from time to time and our talks are in part rather absurd where Mojo points out that he knows of Project’s relationship with CWL, and me dodging the issue, and in part very enjoyable where we talk about life, universe, and everything. Now Mojo asks a straight question if Project is having immediate plans to attack LoD. I say no, we do not (because we have not unified our quad yet). We both know that long term a quad war between us is highly likely. This is however nothing that we discuss in this strange dance of ours. He then tells me that LoD has been told by kaos_ad that Project will attack very soon. They have also been given, through Romanian connections, a chat log between me and Nia where we discuss planning to attack LoD. That chat log is a complete fabrication. It is obvious from the language it’s neither me, nor Nia, speaking. Thankfully, instead of attacking, LoD got very suspicious about this and decided to confirm their feeling that they were also being manipulated.   It was however very, very close that Project got thrown into a quad war without having the SE locked down. When analyzing the fragment of the chat log that we got, and comparing with other samples of his writing, we are convinced it is kaos_ad that has fabricated the log. He has since denied that on several occasions, while at the same time admitting to trying to instigate a war between Project and LoD, but I still don’t trust him claiming to be innocent.  As to why he would do this, RO-HT was getting constant complaints about their size and harboring of farms.  kaos_ad refused to address these issues and probably believed that if he could start a cross-quad war, his friendship would become a valuable commodity instead of feeling like the low man in the SE.

Kaos_ad Burns the Bridge

Kaos_ad trying to instigate a war between LoD and Project is the final straw for me and destroys any prior goodwill. Prior to this, I had protected RO_HT from even harm, though we were  not confederated.  In light of this treachery however I agree to breaking the NAP and going to war. I make a deal with Mojo that we will not interfere in the internal dealings of each other’s quads – for us most importantly that LoD will not aid RO-HT when we go to war.

Project/SYN Confederacy Evolves

Knights formally decides to step down as leader or Project and I am appointed to succeed him. I talk with the CWL leaders to reconfirm the bond and to reassure them about Project’s loyalty. CWL thank me for taking on the responsibilities of leadership and also assure me that they are fine with me leading Project and that they trust me.

I talk with Aenea and we agree to make one final try to get CWL to accept our relationship with SYN. I want to honour the deals with both CWL and SYN. I haven’t thought through what to do if we CWL makes this impossible.  But no matter what I am committed to staying loyal to CWL as they are our first and deepest ally.  Our solution is to merge SYN into Project, while keeping a Project overall leader and military leader for the new alliance. Aenea and InSaNe have an argument or this but in the end InSaNe agrees to the merger.  I also talk with InSaNe to ask him what CWL has decided.  InSaNe gives me the chat log and I am stunned. I ask if this means that it is ok for us to merge with SYN, he says it does, but warns me that it SYN backstab us, CWL will not rescue us.  It is obvious he is not happy with this, but respects Project’s decision.  We then have a 1.5-2 hour long discussion about family, leadership, strategy, and other things. InSaNe tells me he is preparing to step down for 2 months and is now looking for someone to replace him when he is gone. The conversation ends with hugs and kisses. That is the last time we speak directly for over half a year.

I talk with Ice. Thus far we have spoken about forming a meta together, but now I put the cards on the table. I say that we have to merge. I don’t say “or else” but it’s rather obvious from the context. Over the last month or two I have got to know, and like Ice a lot and I worry a bit about her reaction. She takes this very well, much better than expected and we jump directly into the details of a merge. We discuss practicalities for a while, and then make a proposal to present to our respective councils. I try to be as fair as possible. It is not my intention for Project to take over SYN. I aim for an equal merge where both alliances have a reasonably equal say in the merged alliance.

I am contacted by Riko, who informs me he has been appointed to take over CWL when InSaNe is gone. I inform him of my last conversation with InSaNe, our plans with SYN and the way forward.  Riko spends a rather long time trying to convince me that we should merge with RO-HT.  He claims they are much better warriors and SYN are cowards. I strongly disagree and it is clear Riko has little to no knowledge of powers in the SE.  I am confused as to why or how he could think these things.  It would only be much later that I would learn that Riko, leader of CWL, was close personal friends with kaos_ad, leader of RO-HT and that this friendship and not strategy was what impacted CWL’s decision.  In the end of the conversation Riko admits that InSaNe had told him to keep his hands off the SE and let us run our own business.

We put the merge with SYN to a vote among our members. An overwhelming majority of over 90% agrees. Many also comment (again) that they want a war with RO-HT due to their apparent weakness and farm heavy line-up.  Our way forward is now clear.


2009-03-31 One is created and in the same instance Nordex and I are pulled into a chat with the CWL leaders where they question why we are doing this and I reiterate the agreements and understandings with Hani and Riko. They are displeased to say the least. They reveal that they know SYN has a spy in the Project council – Nia.  The conversation ends with Eloy again pledging that as long as I lead Project, nothing will change between CWL and us.

I start digging through logs and see that Ice has logged in on Nia’s forum account more or less daily for months. I confront Ice and Nia and they are both evasive and it is clear that Ice and Nia are working together.  However, SYN are now our full allies, and already had access to our joint council, so I see no damage resulting from this sneakiness.  I let it rest for now.

Right before One is formed I inform kaos_ad about this in confidence so he wouldn’t feel we are going behind his back. He immediately betrays this confidence and begins telling anyone who will listen, starting with Emerik, who leads ReF, and also tells him about One’s connection to CWL. Emerik reacts instantly and ReF attacks One as we are attempting to join our alliances.  One gives RO-HT a 48 hr grace period before we suspend our NAP with them. RO-HT decides to take advantage of this grace period and attacks while we are still respecting the NAP.  The war with RO-HT has now begun.

Knives in the dark

2009-04-03 The war against ReF and RO-HT has been going on for a few days now. We are making good progress with RO-HT but ReF are taking down our players that are far out on the rim. ONE is still not organized but we are getting in a somewhat better shape. Right after midnight optii spots on CWL’s alliance presentation that they have formed a confed with ReF and SeF. WTF??? CWL are our long-time allies and we are fighting REF/SEF.  We try to contact their leaders to ask what the hell is going on but we are ignored. Finally we get a short reply. All that is said is “read the forum”. On the forum it is clear that CWL has broken the confed, and chosen this way to inform us. In addition they have made a confed with our enemies, the alliances ReF, SeF, and RO-HT that we are at war with.  It is now clear that the Romanian leader of CWL has decided break our confed and align himself with all the Romanian alliances of the SE. We are in shock. As recently as 4 days ago the alliance was reconfirmed. We realize that it’s only a matter of time before CWL will attack. Do we have enough time to organize ourselves?

We start to attack RO-HT in frenzy. To get attacked from the south and west while still having enemies in our midst would be a disaster. Every day CWL holds off is one day more that we are not overwhelmed by attacks from all sides. 

Thegenrom introduced

Ice introduces me to thegenrom. He has been her strategist in SYN and is now of course offering his services to the One council. This is the start of another of the friendships I have valued very much on this server. Ice, thegenrom, and I talk rather often and discuss possible scenarios, political and military development etc. And yes, I also get confirmed that it is thegenrom that has posted under the name Lore on the forum.

Knights returns

Knights wants to return to leading One. I don’t mind stepping down but worry that it would end like the last time with him being absent. Finally the council agrees to him taking charge again.

War with CWL, ReF, and RUS

War drums

About a week later CWL and RUS attack. We have through a spy been forewarned it would happen but don’t know the targets. It is very ironic that they attack us on the exact same day they previously had planned to attack MNU.

We are outgunned 1:2 so we know this would be a tough fight, even against a less organized enemy, and CWL is the most well oiled war machine one could imagine.

The strategy is to defend against CWL and ReF/SeF while we clear out RO-HT. RO-HT is cleared rather fast but we take a heavy beating from CWL when we do that. Knights appoints Aenea to lead the war against CWL and plan attacks. Time goes by and no attacks are being planned. Finally I get tired of waiting and plan the first major attack. We loose one army but the rest hit their targets as planned.

Support from LoD

LoD pledges to aid us publically. They send in defenses to the capitals of 5 key players.  This triggers CWL to step up the attacks even more.  LoD is either unprepared or unwilling to give us fast reaction defenses in villages we believe are in imminent danger of attack. Some players in LoD do however provide aid on their own initiative.

Maxtroll plans attacks

Maxtroll gathers the strongest hammers with him and runs a number of successful attacks against CWL. The final run is against Trio where we hit a wall. Many hammers are lost and Maxtroll decides that he is done and we move all hammers back to their battle groups. We are having large problems finding enough battle group leaders and for the BG leaders to activate all players.

War between MYTH and LoD

LoD and MYTH have had border skirmishes for quite some time. When it erupts to war the defence support from LoD is withdrawn. I talk with Mojo now and then and appreciate the conversations. In one of them Mojo promises that LoD will not let One fall. I hang on to that promise when things are getting tough.

The end of the lioness of thunder

Knights has been very absent. No council meetings have been called and the cooperation that existed and worked in the council is more or less gone. Optii has quit the council and most of the work falls on me and Ice. My account is more or less under constant siege. This is affecting my real life and my kids hate the game. I decide I can’t continue like this. After a chat with Ice I announce that I quit the council and will move from Tor to another account. Thegenrom has faded more and more and I really miss our conversations. Now I am offered his account. It has 4 very well built villages but the army is dead. My plan is to play it as a pure def account and to take on one single task that the council needs done. What I take on is leading the BG leaders. My plan to play a pure def account works out for about a week. Then I am bored out of my wits and start building a small off. I tell only those I trust about which account I am on and try not to leave a trail to where I play. The plan works. I get very little attacks so I can focus on leading the BG leaders. When the war ends only one person in CWL knows where I play.


The BG leaders meet once per week to report on last week’s attacks, and to discuss if we should change our set up or strategy. The group is a great gang to work with. There is lots of creativity and fighting spirit, but it’s hard to recruit BG leaders and those we have are overworked. They burn out, which worsen the situation even more. At any given time we have leaders for approximately 50% of the BGs. The players see that we are outgunned and react differently depending on their temperament. Some fight like there is no tomorrow, and others fall into apathy. Overall I am impressed by how people fight in spite of the odds. The BG leaders we have impress too. RVT was a newbie that evolved into a great leader. Kokos coaches her group in all ways possible. Stone is a pillar of support for us all. Camorra came in late but does a great job. Sly has an enormous stamina. Ice, who has not been fighting large scale wars before, catches on fast and is soon leading the most successful BG. (Sorry to those I forgot to mention. You did also a great job.)

The habit of the Wednesday night meetings is so deeply ingrained that even after One is disbanded, for months the old BG chat comes alive every Wednesday night for some idle chat between the trenches, to then die down again until next Wednesday.

In the beginning of the war we focus on CWL/RUS and the activity against ReF is mainly to keep them at bay. However no matter how hard we work, CWL will not budge. Whatever we tear down they patch up with lightning speed. With the exception of valourveil, I don’t think we forced any of their players into deletion. After realizing this we shift focus. We give the BGs along the western border the task of keeping CWL busy to ensure they keep the defence at home, and the northern and southern BGs strike against ReF. We get fast results and force a number of their players into deletion.


The defence group is doing an impressive job. Wuwwy works directing defences 16 hours a day, Sulla, Scotty, Vineeta, Gunsmith and many more do their shifts too. Zorlin comes and goes but when he is there, he has a scary instinct for where to defend. Between them they take down loads and loads of hammers.

A typical day on the defence chat (not quotes but representative of a typical discussion):

Wuwwy: Good morning. What do we have today?

Gunsmith: Aliosha and his crew are attacking Tor, Oden, Hräsvälg, Aluman, and Cdub.

Wuwwy: Has anyone taken care of it?

Gunsmith: No I just logged on as well.

Wuwwy: Ok let me get some tea and I will take a look.

<some time lapses>

Wuwwy: Ok on Tor and Oden Aliosha isn’t first among the attackers so those are fake. They attacked Cdub last time so they will likely not hit there again. I think they will hit Aluman or Hräsvälg. Let me check the villages.

<More time passes>

Wuwwy: Based on how the attacks have been sent and are spaced I think the real attacks are on Aluman. I suggest we defend villages A, B, & C, and insert on the rest. Can someone send out a def MM?

I think the defence group prolonged the war with at least 2 months. They were the wall between One and destruction.

War Diplomacy – Fox revealed

In spite of our best efforts we are getting worn down. We realize we cannot solve this alone. Ice approaches me and says: There is something you need to know. You know that thegenrom has disappeared? Well he hasn’t really. He has been SYN’s, and now One’s agent inside LoD all along. He has been playing on the Roo account and the thegemrom account was just a decoy because people would expect him to play on the server and this way they wouldn’t look for him elsewhere. I realize that by playing thegenrom actively I have been helping him in keeping his cover. In LoD he is known under the name Desert Fox.

Ice explains that at the beginning of the server SYN expected LoD to be their prime out of quad opponent, and for that reason sent their best agent to infiltrate LoD and work from the inside. When CWL broke the confederation and attacked his mission radically changed.  He was no longer to keep tabs on LoD and prepare for our northern march. He was now to monitor LoD instead of sabotaging them.

In LoD we have the diplomatic contact with Mojo (Nemesis) but in MYTH it is unclear who is calling the shots. There seems to be a power struggle in MYTH and we can’t get can’t get anything done with them diplomatically.  Out of the struggle a high council of 3, headed by Girasoul, is formed. Ice contacts Girasoul but it is evident MYTH are afraid of getting caught between LoD and CWL.  Meanwhile, we talk with LoD about going against CWL. They don’t want to risk a 2 front war, in spite of the fact more than half of LoD’s BGs are being held back in the MYTH/LoD war.

Ice, Fox, and I are discussing how to make LoD and MYTH understand that as long as they fight each other CWL will win this. Fox has the ears of the leaders of LoD and is given the task of trying to persuade them to agree to negotiate with MYTH. Ice is having long talks with Girasoul. Finally LoD agrees to negotiate with MYTH to try to get a ceasefire, but their demands are of a sort MYTH cannot accept.

After the LoD diplomats have tried and failed to make progress in the negotiations, Fox gets himself appointed as LoD’s special diplomatic envoy to Myth. And so it came to be that One’s agent in LoD was responsible for the negotiations between LoD and MYTH. This will become more important to us as ONE begins to lose its grip.   


In the area around (225|-225) the alliance Goons have settled. ReF has courted them, and Ice has been in contact with them. We offer them to be a part of One on equal terms, and they accept. Their leader Kitten joins the One council. Unfortunately, Goons turn out to be a very passive group in the war.  They are too far out to effectively aid in defense and not very active on offense.  This is surprising considering what happens later.

The beginning of the end

July: The players of One are very worn down, and especially the few ones that work with help leading the war. It is getting to a point where it is effecting people’s RL. Finding officers has been hard all along and is now worse than ever. There is a discussion in the council if we can find a way to end the war. Except from getting outside help we don’t really see a way.

I get into a short PM exchange with Calpoly_man on the forum, which ends with me mailing him the discussion around CWL culture. He is very amused and we start talking on Skype.

At this time, ONE was at the breaking point but the final collapse of ONE was postponed to allow Fox to fully explore the possibility of bringing peace in the North and redirecting their focus toward CWL.  This was our last hope.  Eventually after two weeks of intense negotiations Fox told us that his efforts had failed.  With this door closed, the ONE council now began to seriously talk about disbanding and everything that entailed. That path has now been followed to its end. I talk with Mojo and explain how bad the situation is. I call on the promise he has made me way back to not let One fall. His reply is that LoD can not help with military means, but he offers to take on our northern players.  We now know that no help is forthcoming from LoD as Fox confirms that internally LoD is not very distressed at the fall of ONE and instead see it as an opportunity to bolster their ranks.   I am quite pissed and start thinking about the possibility of making a deal with CWL. It takes me a while to stomach the thought of surrendering. I beat down my ego, swallow my pride, and bring up the subject with Calpoly_man when we are talking. I ask him how he would think CWL would react if we would offer to surrender. I brace myself for being laughed at and taunted, but the reaction is unexpected. Calpoly_man softly asks if that is really what we want and why we want it. We agree I should discuss it with the One council before he would mention anything to the CWL leaders.

During a discussion in the One council it is agreed to try to make a deal and I am given the task to negotiate. Now starts a period of tough negotiations. Calpoly_man questions every motive and reason. He turns what I say now upside down, inside out, and compares with what I have said previously. We discuss terms, how to make sure CWL can feel secure etc. Even though it is absolutely certain that Calpoly_man tries to secure an as good deal for CWL as possible, it is also evident that he really tries to help us and wants to find a way to an agreement.

Once we have the outlines for an agreement I take this to the council for approval. The council agrees and we decide to secure agreement from key players before we proceed. I talk with key ex Midgård players, Ice talks with ex SYN players, and we talk with Knights about how Maxtroll, optii etc would react. He says he has already discussed the possibility with them and they are ok with it. I also talk with kokos, and a few more of the ex-Lopovi players.  Everyone seems to understand we are in an unwinnable position and it is time to move forward. 

The terms are reasonable. We would keep our own wings and leaders, trim down the alliance to get rid of the inactive players, have players from CWL to sit the leader accounts, and this to be a phased inclusion into SL. We would get to take and build one WW in the SE. The decisions of who to fight and when would be CWL’s but all internal affairs would be our own business. Apart from the sitting thing, which feels like a leash, the terms seem decent enough. The sitters are non-negotiable so I don’t press the issue. The council has a new meeting to accept or reject the terms. During the meeting it’s obvious Knights intends to agree to them to end the war, only to later turn on CWL. Ice and I both bend his arm backwards to get his word that he would keep to whatever deal that is made. After these long negotiations we feel the war is close to an end. Now we are both just fighting for the sake of fighting as we wait for CWL’s response.  Meanwhile…

Security breach

When looking at the forum logs I see that there are strange logins on Krikke’s account. Krikke is a high council member with full access to all alliance assets.  When tracing them I find they are from Russia and an US proxy. I feel like someone has poured a bucket of ice cold water over me. Have CWL and RUS had leader access to our leader forum? If yes for how long? After digging some more I find it has been since 3 days after the first large scale attack we launched. I feel sick. If they had had access 3 days earlier they would have seen the battle plan and we would have met with disaster.

I ban Krikke, kick him from all chats, and confront him. When talking with him I come to the conclusion that he has had an extremely bad password, but he is no spy. He has a different password for his in game account, but he has had the same for our troop tool. CWL has thus likely had access to our troop tool for months.  This is a serious blow.

sir_kaban’s capital

Knights has been working on an operation now for quite some time and it is now launched. It’s very ambitious with fakes in several waves, and hits on the same second from many attackers on all fake targets. When the operation is launched the well timed fakes causes quite a lot of commotion in CWL. When the attacks land they zero pop sir_kaban’s capital without much defences in the way.

CWL’s Response

Calpoly_man informs me that CWL has decided to reject our surrender.  No reason is given but I get a feeling it is a mixture of fear we would backstab them, anger over the operation against sir_kaban, and that they don’t want to let their playmate go.

Ice and I afterwards find out that once we get CWL’s rejection,  Knights tells MYTH that we are considering surrendering. LoD finds out, and begin recruiting our players before our body even hits the ground.  Ice is furious. I talk with Mojo and try to sort out the situation. We end up in a tense meeting where LoD once more offer to take in our players. We cannot see how having our most undamaged accounts going to LoD would help One.

And so our war continues.  Negotiations are over.  CWL would rather kill us than work with us.  LoD would rather eat us than save us.  We hoped to stay together but now it is clear that is impossible.  Now we must start the hard talks of how to proceed and how to put ONE to rest.

Disbanding of One


I left on vacation and was offline for 4-5 days. When I get back home spamspamspam has been attacked and his account completely trashed. Apparently, he didn’t care enough to provide enough info for the def coordinators to help him, and at this point, the response from One regarding defense in general was extremely weak.

The number of offensive operations has fallen,  the council has become more or less passive, and overall One has fallen into apathy. One more complication is that soon I will have a different job which will have me offline from Skype and Travian 4 days a week.

The council has a meeting and discuss if it is possible to continue running the alliance. We decide it is not, and to officially disband. The decision is unanimous. Knights suggests that we split up, go underground, and later reform. I protest and say that whatever alliance I am in must be sure I will be loyal to them. Our priority now is to best serve our players and create an atmosphere where they can continue to enjoy the game.  We contact LoD, MYTH, and CWL. None wants to take on all players. LoD offer to take the northern players and Mojo apologizes for failing One. I appreciate the apology but am still angry with LoD.  CWL wants to “take a few and kill the rest”.  We do not see this as being much of a service to our players.  During the council meeting it is decided that Krikke should take the northern players and try to find a home for them in LoD, and that Ice and I would try to find a home for the southern players with ReF or CWL.


Ice and I contact Emerik to discuss if he wants to take on some of our players. He suggests he create a new alliance, OutlawZ, where the ReF and One veterans are welcome on equal footing. He envisions that we would finally get a united SE. Unfortunately, it would not turn out to be that way.

Both Ice and I realize that for us personally, as leaders, the server is over and we are fine with that. We offer to help in the transition and to get the One players settled, as we still see these players as our responsibility.  Both Girasoul from MYTH and Rob (pigpigying) from LoD want to recruit us but we assume that if we would join LoD, the war would follow in our path and it would be of no service to our players.  Joining MYTH is just impractical.  I am also still angry with LoD and their lukewarm support during our war which has helped bring us to this point.  In all this craziness of betrayals and broken promises I feel that ReF has been honest, straight forward, and simply just enjoyed the fight. They have been polite every step and Emerik, the leader of ReF, has been very respectful and honourable in the short dealings we have had with each other.

When talking with the southern and western One players to see what they want to do now, a number of players ask me to join them. I explain that it is likely not an option. Emerik is however of a different mind. He takes a fight with the CWL leaders to get them to agree to allow us to join him.  Afterwards, I am told there was a vote and it was close shave.

Thus far, Emerik has led ReF together with Cris (Neuropia account) but they have had no council. It has been a rather small group so there has been no need for lots of organization. With the inclusion of the ONE veterans, that has changed. He has more than twice as many players now. Emerik proposes forming an OZ council and asks Ice and me if we want to be a part of it. I say that I will help him with tasks he needs done but I don’t want to be in a leadership position.  Ice declines the invitation.

I am asked by CWL to recruit spies among the ex One members, but I say no. I don’t want to spy on former team members. Naivé? Yes very much so, but I don’t have the heart to make our split even more painful than it had to be.


To my surprise Zorlin joins -=CWL=-. We have been discussing to dual since I will be offline so much but he wants to play his own account and instead he helps me as my sitter.  Later events will show that my surprise was misplaced, as I assumed naively that others also viewed OZ and the end of the war as the opportunity for a new beginning.


By the end of the war Maxtroll and optii had made a deal with CWL to be left alone for a while. They would hit MYTH, and then delete. They didn’t delete, and Maxtroll then made a new deal that was for him only, that he would get a NAP with SL and build a hammer to hit a MYTH WW.  When optii decided not to delete, he did not make a new deal with CWL.

Fox the Ronin

Fox had changed accounts to veneti5 a short while ago. Veneti5 is in LoD*SHDW. When One disbands, he is without an alliance to work for and decides to dedicate himself to do whatever damage he can to SL. He is open about this to me and we make a strange deal. Whatever information is shared I cannot use, unless I get it confirmed by another source. Later on I make a similar deal with Girasoul. It is ironic that for a very long time I get a pretty good view over what is happening behind closed doors on the server, and all that information is provided to me by my, now, enemies.

Late mid game – SE, the scorched earth

OZ revisited

Emerik is working very long hours, often 12-14 hrs per day. He has very little time for the alliance. The basic tasks of setting up a chat, a forum, setting up battle groups, and all other integration tasks have not been done in spite of it having been over a week since OZ was created. The ex One players are in despair.  For over a month they do not even have a forum or anything to connect them to their new OZ identity. No one is taking care of them and they don’t feel at home. I urge, prod, help, and do whatever I can to get the chat, forum etc up. It does however take an active leader, with a decent amount of time, to get two groups to blend together and form a new group together with a common culture. That is never done.

In addition, Neuropia steps down from leadership. I am really, really worried that OZ will cease to be a functioning alliance.

I talk a lot with Calpoly_man. He has also become one of the friendships I have come to value on the server. I voice my worry over the lack of active leaders in OZ, and he offers to come over to help.

An offer I refuse

I try to keep in touch with the ex One players and when chatting with sly2 he tells me that half of the defences at lkdood’s capital when it was hit by CWL a few days ago came from OZ players. He also suggests I should become LoD*BO’s spy. I despair over the thought that so many members are working against their alliance, and politely decline the offer to become a spy.

WTF Wednesday

When One disbanded the MYTH vs LoD war steps up in intensity. Suddenly the LoD battle groups that previously had been held back are involved in the war too. During an attack on killertharg, which in MYTH was to be known as WTF Wednesday, LoD loses several hammers, and killertharg gains 350k def points. This together with what in MYTH was known as Bloody Sunday, where LoD previously also lost a large number of hammers, made LoD lose confidence in it’s central war planning.

The OZ vs LoD*BO/BOO!! Conflict

Zorlin decides to come over to OZ to help with def coordination. This makes me very glad. In spite of him being my sitter we haven’t spoken much lately and I hope we’ll be more in touch.

Canvac attacks theC in BOO!! Krikke gets furious and Fox contacts me to try to get Canvac to back off. I have no formal authority but try to reason with him. He promises not to attack anyone in LoD*BO or BOO!! unless we are at war. A week or so passes and then Canvac talks with Emerik who says we are now at war with LoD. Canvac grabs the chance, well excuse is a better word, and attacks Randomize. Krikke gets furious. He plans his revenge and soon Canvac is killed, his brother severely maimed, and I have been bombed for good measure. When the attacks start raining in I call for help to protect my capital. That I get help from OZ I had expected, but the response from CWL and RUS is amazing. In spite of me being at the other end of the map, I have 50k RUS def in my cap when the attacks hit. It was very unexpected to get such strong support from former enemies.

The days after several CWL players contact me. No MM had gone out in CWL but they had seen in the analyzers that I had been hit so they mail me spontaneously and offer help.

Now the cat is out of the bag and there is a conflict between LoD*BO and OZ. My capital is under constant siege from Gunsmith. In One she had mainly proven to be a very good def coordinator, but now I see first hand that she is a very good off player too.

Finally I get tired of being constantly faked and bomb her capital. I reached my goal the damn faking stopped.

Zorlin & Wuwwy leave

Emerik is getting more and more passive. He leads his wing but not the alliance. After he had scolded Wuwwy in public on the OZ chat channel, Wuwwy leaves OZ. I talk with him and we make an agreement where he gets an informal NAP, and he helps us with def. Now he helps other ex One members with def too which creates some awkward moments. 😉

Zorlin leaves in rage after having been hit by MYTH. I ask OZ to leave him alone in hope he would come back. One mistake among many I have made this server.

CWL attacks LoD

CWL launches a massive strike against LoD at the same time as MYTH is attacking as usual. The first wave of attacks crop lock several players, and the second more or less completely destroys Attendee’s account, including a number of potential WW hammer villages. LoD is in chaos when the fakes start pouring in like an avalanche. They decide to ignore CWL and keep hitting MYTH to ensure that MYTH will not win the server.

The inquisition and the forming of NS

One night Fox contacts me on Skype. I envision our normal casual chat and gossip. Boy was I wrong! Fox starts an outright inquisition. He guts me, rips out my soul, and start taking it apart. He questions every motive, meaning, and underlying reasons for every decision I have made on the server. I had thought Calpoly_man’s interrogations were bad but this is in a league of its own. There are very few persons I would put up with that from, but I try to be a good sport and answer as truthfully as I can. After 3 hours I am completely exhausted.

The next day Non Serviam (NS) is formed. Fox takes LoD*BO and BOO! and forms NS. The purpose is to take on SL. It then becomes obvious why he had put me through the inquisition the night before. He asks me to leave OZ and join him. I say no.

Due to internal conflict NS fails. It is renamed OD.

Fireside Chat with Fox

I ask Fox how he plans to hurt SL.  He responds that he believes the largest obstacle to creating an anti-SL coalition is the LoD/MYTH war and LoD’s belief that given their southern gains, they do not need a partner.  LoD was strengthened by BO in the SE and now also believed that they could contend with SL on a somewhat equal footing.  Fox says this is madness and that he would have to change that to force LoD back to the negotiating table.  This would involve making LoD respect Myth and fear SL.
Fox then created a forum account, Mirrorblade, whose sole purpose was to inflate the profile of LoD in hopes that SL would take notice and attack them.  Fox said that if LoD were attacked by SL, he was convinced they would have no choice but to join MYTH.   In time, SL did attack LoD, but to Fox’s surprise, LoD refused to respond to SL or make a deal with MYTH and instead LoD leadership decided to pursue mutually assured destruction making sure that both LoD and MYTH lose by increasing their focus and intensity on attacking MYTH.    This is when NS is born.  Fox said that if LoD refuses to fight SL, then he will try to fracture them and force LoD’s leaders to take notice of SL.  He with the leaders of LoD*BO/BOO! decide to break apart from LoD, in hopes that this will refocus them on SL, and that the shock of losing  two high level wings may encourage them to re-examine diplomacy with MYTH.  NS as a working alliance was a failure when its leaders decided days after leaving LoD that they really weren’t interested in standing against SL.  But politically, Fox’s actions seem to have had the desired effect.

The attacks on Projekt’s and OD’s capitals

2009-09-17: CWL launches an attack against Projekt/PJF/JPF and removes the crop fields, or in half of the cases zero pops the capitals. OZ launches against Cho and removes the crop fields in all of their capitals. Cho launches their armies back to use them before they starve. OZ catches most, but not all, of them.


Zoda is a member of MYTH, but also a CWL spy. He is given charge of troops from 2 WW hammers to have them stored in a capital oasis. He then attacks with his own army, killing a large part of the troops entrusted to him.

MYTH is in uproar. They want CWL blood. This is likely one of the turning points of the server. Soon after, MYTH and LoD agree on a ceasefire, and later a NAP, short thereafter.

The OZ council & ESB

Emerik fades more and more. One of the times he is around he states with no uncertainty that he is totally uninterested in playing endgame. I ask a straight question on the OZ forum to find out what the members want and those who reply want to play and aim for a win.

One thing Emerik does before fading is to make a confed agreement with ESB. They take their top players to ~OZ~ and the rest remain in their old wings. This confed is one of the best things that have happened to OZ. ESB turns out to be fun, dedicated, and now that they have the chance, good fighters.

Emerik has asked me to take over OZ a number of times and I have said no. It has now come to a point where I realize that unless I act the alliance will simply fade away. In a discussion with Calpoly_man he tells me that unless I do it, it will simply not be done.

I ask Emerik if he would agree to the forming of a council and he does support it. The council is formed and I am appointed the leader. I explain that I am a pretty bad choice since I am out of town and offline from Skype 4 days a week (would later turn out to be offline from Travian too). It is a bit humbling to be appointed leader not because you are the best choice, but because there are no other choices at all.

The council consists of representatives from all wings, plus ESB.


The story has turned out to be long so I will be brief in the endgame section. All attacks on WWs etc have been rehashed on the forums already.

WW villages

A few days before the endgame starts Calpoly_man asks if I can take the WW that will likely spawn close to me. I agree and ask Ice to help me clear it out. She points out that me being roman makes me a bad WW holder. We discuss which teutons close by could take it instead and I feel she really wants to have it. I want Ice to be happy so I suggest to Calpoly_man Ice take it. He agrees.

When the WW villages are unbanned Ice is the first to take a WW village. She cleans with her secondary army, I mop up, and she takes the village. All fast and neat. MYTH then takes their villages really fast. They also take the wonders by (-92|-13) and (8|5), WWs CWL had aimed to take. CWL take their WWs, and finally LoD take theirs.

CWL launches a massive assault to take the WWs at  (-92|-13) and (8|5). (-92|-13) is taken by lubricious and (8|5) by Adelwar, who then has all his other villages removed, making the WW he holds unconquerable. 

Next CWL launches an attack against simethered’s WW trying to zero pop it. It stops at pop 3 and when the next wave of attacks arrives the WW is filled with def again.

Black Hawk

Attacks start raining in on El Mirador (Ice’s WW) and her villages. We start analyzing the attacks but they don’t make sense. Where are they striking? A few hours later we find out. Project, Cho, and OD have with the help of LoD stolen the Alexxx WW. It is a cunning and brave move. I mourn the loss of the WW, but admire their guts. We try to fast take it back but the WW is too quickly filled with reinforcements.  I would later find out we shaved it down to less than 3k defenders at one point.

When I look at the reports I see something however that I do not admire. Zorlin is attacking. WTF? He was in OZ a few weeks ago. I later find out that he not only attacked but also planned the attacks. Zorlin got into first CWL and then OZ after me vouching for him. I trusted him to be my sitter earlier. Now he is attacking stealing our WW. I am really pissed. I contact Gorgon and ask that he has his crew kill Zorlin. He is happy to oblige. It is an extremely petty revenge with no impact on endgame whatsoever.

Project, OD etc start calling themselves the SE rebels.


We have 3 set of plans that we will be reasonable close to. I calculate where the plans will likely spawn. And we set up teams to take each plan. The plan that will spawn at (80|-50) we know that the rebels are close to so to even have a chance we have to be fast. The plans spawn but take forever to be unbanned. Once they are we launch very fast. The plans by (0|-215) and (251|-227) are fast taken by the respective crews. The one by (80|-50) we launch at within minutes for it being unbanned, but the rebels were closer and take that plan.

Test of loyalty

A CWL spy with access to someone close to Ice reports that her loyalty may be in question. IGMs were found that showed that she was considering trying to take the WW on her own. 2 weeks into the endgame, before she was given a plan, she is confronted with these messages. She does not deny that she has written them and openly admits that she did not want CWL to have control over the WW. This is troubling, to say the least. The council decides that she would be asked to give up the WW. I order her to do so and Ice says she will cooperate in any way we want, but once the WW was transferred, she would delete. That makes me sad of course but I am well aware that if she had refused we would have no other choice but to take the WW by force. Even though she has issues with CWL, her willingness to surrender the WW is taken as a satisfactory show of loyalty to OZ, and it is decided that she will keep, and build, the WW.

Emerik did not agree to her having the WW and in a show of defiance he sends Dargo’s army against El Mirador. It kills two great warehouses, setting the WW back 135 hrs. Which would turn out to be a significant amount down the road in a close race.

Fireworks at home

Emerik, Cris (Neuropia), and I have attacks incoming on our caps and so do a number of other players. Maxtroll had already broken the NAP a couple of days earlier when he attacked Tor. His first excuse was that Tor had attacked Lord Ho. Then when he was informed that Lord Ho had attacked first he suddenly changed the story and the excuse was that Tor had an army village too close to him. Now many in OZ have incoming attacks from Maxtroll, optii, and kokos. Cris analyses the attacks and guesses that the real attacks will land in either his cap or Emerik’s.

I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that they are coming for me and plan for massive inserts. I get very much help from OZ. Cris helps me getting inserts, and sends in many inserts himself. The attacks come close, close, but in the narrow minute between the attackers I ship in resources to rebuild. When it’s all over the capital stands, but the crop fields are gone except for what I manage to rebuild in between. After the attacks have landed and the adrenaline has sunk away again, I call my husband. I tell him about the attacks and his reply is “How fun! It’s for those adrenaline rushes one plays Travian after all”, and he is right. That night is one of the high points I will remember from this server.

Fireworks all around

The rebels and MYTH are fighting really well. The fireworks have started for real at the WWs, and around the Phoca WW  a small alliance called RGU is making life painful for the colony around the WW.

MYTH steals lubricous plan.

Chicken race

From what we in SL have been told the MFD and LoD NAP would be in effect until they are at par with SL’s strength. Then they would cancel it. We do not buy that. Why leave an enemy with strength enough to fight when you can crush him and fight it out over the victory. We are pretty sure that LoD’s + MFD’s strength by now is higher than SL’s and decide to try to see if the deal between LoD and MYTH is as they say, or if it really is a confed in disguise. We publicly declared that we would not hit Codename until LoD did. Then we waited. LoD said they would not hit, and as expected the NAP was not a NAP but a confed. Now we knew.

Brit is pissed as hell. He has not agreed to the statement and says that he will not respect it. I say that he cannot use any OZ hammers. I then leave for Stockholm and go offline. When I come back home attacks have landed on Codename. On the chat I see no one telling him to go ahead, but no one is trying to stop him either.

After that Brit plans the WW attacks and he is doing a very good job about it.

Hacking incident

InSaNe’s account gets hacked and the password changed. He has some sensitive info on the account, and right after attacks start pouring in over the WW hammer villages. It is assumed by CWL that this was done by a member of MYTH or LoD, or the information was given to them. After investigating it, no proof can be found that neither MYTH not LoD hacked the account. To this day we don’t know who did it, but admins said the I.P. used was not from anyone currently on server 6.

Phoca’s plan and WW

Fox fakes the plan holders over several days watching how they move the plans. Phoca doesn’t move very often so he launches from his capital, and switches capitals, golds a treasury in the last minute, and steals the plan. He privately thanks me for my help, as I am the one who told him about this trick back when we were both in ONE.  Ironic, that I now see used against me the tricks I taught when we were all together.  Fox apparently led a plan stealing team that would steal another set of plans from Bandrit before the server ended.

A little later the V2V alliance, who are allied to OZ and ESB and also helps sit the Phoca WW, empties the WW of all defences, and zeroes the WW.

Final words

El Mirador had at it’s peak 7 million defenders. OZ and ESB have been doing a wonderful job. Players from OZ and ESB have helped sit 4 SL WWs.  El Mirador was the closest SL came to reaching the win.

I would like to extend a huge KUDOS! to all OZ and ESB players, as well to the rest of the players on the server. We have had a very exciting endgame and at least I leave the server tired, satisfied, and with a huge sleep deficit.


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