Browser Games of the Year Nominees

Galaxy News has announced the nominees for Browser Game of the Year. Visit this site to view a list of the nominees:

Only Browser Games that were released this year are eligible to win awards, so Travian isn’t in the running.

But the company that made Travian (Travian Games) released two new games this year that are nominated for some awards:

Imperion, a military strategy game set in Outer Space, is nominated for best Browser Based Strategy Game.

Wewaii, a game where you manage a Hawaiian hotel resort, is nominated for Best Game Design, Best Presentation, and Best Business Sim Game.

Imperion is really good game so I hope it wins the award for best strategy game. If you haven’t played Imperion you should definitely check it out, Travian Games did a great job in making that game. It’s almost as good as Travian. Almost.

But it might have a tough time winning, there are 11 nominees for Best Strategy Game, the most out of any category.

I haven’t played Wewaii at all but it looks pretty cool.

The winners will be announced on January 25th.


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