Travian Crewchat Report Part 1

The Travian Crewchat took place on December 9th. Like the last time I covered one of these, I’ll be picking out the highlights from the chat event that are the most newsworthy and summarizing them in this post.  I’ll also give my thoughts on some of the things that were said. 

If you want to read the entire chat, you can go to this page to see the complete chat record.    

Unlike last time, I’m going to be doing this summary as two posts, instead of splitting it into a whole bunch of different posts. Look for part 2 later today, or tomorrow at the latest.    

These chat events are a lot of fun, and a lot of the questions asked in the room are goofy questions and just people having a good time with the crew. I won’t be posting very many of those, and I’ll just be focusing on the newsworthy parts of the chat, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the goofy questions, those are some of the best parts of the crewchat (and a lot of the crew members are quite witty).    

Version 3.5 as a Classic Server?


Let’s start with some of the biggest news. Version 3.6 is very controversial and many players have been quite vocal about how they don’t like it. The good news for those players is that there’s a chance that version 3.5 servers might be retained as a classic server. But there are no guarantees.    

<@Interview> Question from JVMorrow|Heldenhammer: Can we have a Travian 3.5 classic (server) to prevent all the crying about 3.6?

<@Interview> Answered by monkey7: It’s being considered, but nothing can be said for certain for now. 

Question from IRCmeet556: Any chance of there being “Classic version” servers using Travian 3.0 or 3.5? <@Interview>   

Answered by Tschena: This is already under discussion but not yet decided   

 Just to know that they’re considering it is positive news in my opinion.    


Travian 3.6


Obviously, a lot of people wanted to ask about this.    

Question from buggystick: Ok, I think I will get right down to it… There has been a lot of criticism of the 3.6 update, especially the Gold Club bonuses. Have you seen any positive feedback from the change?   

<@Interview> Answered by buzzball: Sure I love the new thing way more options than before and they removed the unfair 10% advantages   

Question from IRCmeet803: (Do you) like the new version of the T 3.6? <@Interview>   

Answered by Tranq: Yes I do to be honest. I think it requires advantaged farmers to adjust their tactics and improves the chances for newer players. All by all I think T3.6 is a good step towards a more fair game for all parties.   

None of the crew members had anything bad to say about version 3.6, though some spoke more positively about it than others who were mostly neutral.   

Question from IRCmeet556: Has the majority of the reaction to Travian 3.6 been negative, and what do the developers think of the reaction from the players?  

Answered by Tschena: That’s not really true – the majority of the forum reactions was negative: at least at the beginning. If you read now you see that most people like the features the upgraded server got. Btw: the majority of the email reactions was always positive 😉     

I’m sure the overall reaction hasn’t been as negative as on the forums, but it surprises me to hear that the e-mail reactions have been positive overall.   

Question from Saviro: How do you feel about the T3.6 update? Do you share my point of view; Travian Games is willing to help all kinds of players, as long as they’re paying ?   

<@Interview> Answered by Tschena: I like that it helps new players to stay longer in the game.   

I think there were other ways to help new players besides the Rally Point restrictions and the Auto-dodge, but I agree that it’s a good thing if new players stay in the game longer.   

<@Interview> Question from anakib: It’s obvious the gold club favours members who have more money. This is unfair for the other players.   

<@Interview> Answered by monkey7: That’s exactly the same as was being said about Gold when it was introduced. Yes you have an advantage when you use Gold. Yes Travian is kept running with the money from this gold. No, you are not obligated to buy it and it’s still possible to play without   

Question from anakib: It’s obvious the gold club favours members who have more money. This is unfair for the other players   

Answered by firestorm: I disagree on that one. Maybe it looks like the gold is favoring players, but you still need to be a skilled player to do well, and you just can not buy a good account by spending lots of gold. Skilled players can do very well without the gold.   

 Question from IRCmeet556: Why did Travian change to version 3.6 so soon after version 3.5?   

 Answered by Tschena: The duration between T3 and T3.5 was that long that it just look like it was changed soon again, in reality half a year was between the changes.   

I suppose it depends on your definition of “soon”, but personally I would say half a year is too short of a time to make major changes that will affect how the game is played.     

Question from IRCmeet556: Is Travian 3.6 finalized now, or is there a chance the Auto-dodge and Rally Point changes will be taken back? <@Interview>   

Answered by Tschena: It is not yet finalized, the auto evasion function may still get dropped and the rally point restriction still get adjusted   

This is something that players should keep in mind, things can still change. If you don’t like some things about version 3.6, by all means keep saying so, but don’t think that these changes are necessarily permanent.       

Speaking about the Auto-dodge, here’s another question that was asked:   

<@Interview> Question from vbo1: Tschena : Obviously you’ve seen all the controversy about the auto-dodge function…. what are your opinions on this… because now ‘n00bs’ that are rich can dodge .. like me I spent months perfecting my dodging and waves, and it has always taken skill, but now you can do that with gold.   

<@Interview> Answered by Tschena: I can not say something about this – I never played on a real T3.6 server and did not see the influence. It may be helpful for new users and 1 Gold is just some cents – so it’s not that you have to be rich to use it. In case you have a very pro player beside you it will never help you I think.   

Tshena’s answer mainly focused on how the auto-dodge wasn’t just for rich players because it only cost a little bit of gold per use. But she seems to be forgetting that you have to pay 100 Gold to get the “Gold Club” before you can use it.   

One piece of really good news is that the Auto-recall feature seems to be gone for good on the .com servers:   

<@Interview> Question from IRCmeet556: Is the Auto-return idea for Travian 3.6 gone for good, or will some servers have it and some not?   

<@Interview> Answered by Tschena: I think .com will not get it for another server – for other countries I can not speak.   

Unfortunately other servers around the world will keep the feature. This means that different domains of Travian are going to have very different rules, but they’ll all be refered to as the same version. That’s going to be confusing for players who switch from playing one region to another.   

 <@Interview> Question from Mickey: Is next s8 3.6? <@Interview> Answered by monkey7: Yes all new servers will be T3.6   

Travian 4.0

Not much new information was revealed about Travian 4.0, but some of these questions and answers were interesting:       

<@Interview> Question from RyzzyK: T4.0 expected relase date?   

<@Interview> Answered by Phanttis: As you might have noticed the speed of travian development has sped up drastically; new versions are coming up in tight schedules. More I cannot tell about T4, sorry. ^^   

Question from IRCmeet039: Do you guys work already on T4.0 and are there any big changes there you have some idea about ? if so could you please share some 🙂  

<@Interview> Answered by monkey7: I don’t know about any of the new features for T4. If it’s not on the public forum then I wouldn’t be able to tell youQuestion from IRCmeet039: Do you guys work already on T4.0 and are there any big changes there you have some idea about? If so could you please share some 🙂  

Answered by Phanttis: Yes. But we cannot leak any information about it yet, sorry. :/  

Question from IRCmeet039: Do you guys work already on T4.0 and are there any big changes there you have some idea about ? If so could you please share some 🙂  

Answered by BlackPaladin: When T3.5 was announced they specifically stated it was the stepping stone between T3 and T4. 😉 So yes, they’ve been working on it since T3 came out. As for features, not sure. :p       

Question from IRCmeet556: Do you guys have any news about what will be coming in new versions of Travian?  

 Answered by monkey7: If we do you’ll see them on the forum as soon as we’re allowed to release them 🙂   

Question from buggystick: Will there ever be any rules placed to keep really large players from destroying new players as soon as they are out of BP? (Besides the usual strategy of crannies, diplomacy… etc)  

Answered by Tschena: The rally point limit is for sure a step in this direction, but whether really an attack protection will get implemented I can not say (to) you as it’s not know until now.   

Gameplay Questions

Question from IRCmeet540: I was gold user in but I lost all villages do you know why? because strange attacks, 14 atatcks in same time with catas, it’s not justic    

<@Interview> Answered by Chrisvc: Have a look here, it is possible:   

Sending multiple attacks in the same second it something that can be done, but a lot of players suspect that it is cheating when they first have it happen to them.       

I’ve put a link to a guide in this site’s Strategy section that describes how to do it, written by Blackpaladin, one of the crew members. And I’m going to work on editing it to make it even better.       

<@Interview> Question from Mickey: Why was it decided to make romans more powerful than teutons?   

<@Interview> Answered by monkey7: They aren’t. The teutons are very powerful when played actively, especially at the start of the game   

I agree with Monkey7 here. I don’t think that Romans have been made more powerful than Teutons. Teutons were too powerful in version 3.0, they were clearly the best race in the game. Romans were made more powerful in 3.5, but I don’t think they’re hands-down better than Teutons or Gauls now. Things are more balanced now.       

<@Interview> Question from Mickey: With Romans now the powerhouse with troughs, what is being done for the others to make up for this?   

<@Interview> Answered by Odinsstaff: Romans may have received the trough but other tribes aren’t worse. Roman troops are still the most expensive in the game and they still take the longest to build.   

It’s not like the Horse Trough all of sudden turns Romans into juggernauts. It takes a long time to get that thing to level 20 and until then you’re still stuck with the most expensive troops in the game. Romans were definitely inferior in version 3.0 and the Horse Trough and other changes in 3.5 make them a lot more on par with the other tribes.   

<@Interview> Question from IRCmeet105: Can anyone be the top 20 player of the server without using gold ??   

<@Interview> Answered by Odinsstaff: It can be done. I have alliance mates who did it.   

If you’re really skilled you can still go far in this game without gold, but you’ve got to be really clever.   

Question from IRCmeet413: Is it possible to destroy an enemy completely and capture his city? If so how is it done?   

<@Interview> Answered by monkey7: No it’s not possible to destroy a player completely. The worst you can do is reduce his population to zero.   

Question from scilla: when the rules are they really the same in all countries?   

<@Interview> Answered by monkey7: No, the rules differ from country to country   

I don’t like that there are different rules in different countries, but I guess that’s just the way it has to be because different players in different countries want different things.   

Speed Servers

<@Interview> Question from DennisGeorge: Can you have a Lightening server. Where everything is very fast. e.g. People in christmas holiday finish the sever?   

<@Interview> Answered by monkey7: In theory it’s possible, but it’s very intensive to maintain. Multihunting would be practically impossible so cheaters would reign.   

<@Interview> Question from misja056: Why we don’t have 2 3x speed servers?   

<@Interview> Answered by monkey7: Because they are quite intensive to maintain, both by costs and manpower   

I’m not sure why they would cost more, but it’s true that it’s a lot more work to be a Multi-hunter or a Support member on Speed Servers. That’s something that a lot of players aren’t aware of.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to part 2 of my summary of the crewchat:


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