Travian Champions 2.0 to arrive during the New Years Truce!

So now that they’ve announced the truces that will be taking place during the holiday seasons (see this post for full details), I hope everyone has started to make plans for spending time with their loved ones, doing their Christmas shopping, and having a wicked New Years party.

I’ll be doing all of that too, but with the time I save by not playing Travian, I’ll also be making some cool upgrades to Travian Champions, and re-tooling it into a better looking, more visually impressive site. Since I’ve started this site, I’ve gotten more familiar with WordPress, and the new version of the site will be what I wanted this site to be like in the first place, but didn’t know how to do.

So if you go into Travian withdrawal during the New Years Truce, be sure to drop by this site early in the New Year to check out the changes and let me know what you think.

And brace yourself, because these changes are going to be enormous!


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