Travian Holiday Truces

Many Travian domains have holiday truces during this time of year. This is a nice chance to let players have a break from the game an enjoy the holidays. Here’s a look at what some of the Travian domains are doing this year: The international servers will be having a four-day three-day long truce over New Years, starting on December 30th and ending on January 2nd at 12:00 GMT time. Attacks won’t work during this time, but scouting will work as normal (so be sure to watch out when the truce ends, because players will no doubt be using this time to get ready to attack other players and plan who they want to hit).

Troops will also not starve during this time from negative crop, but your granaries will be emptied during this time.

Server 1 and Server 7 on will not have a truce because they’re in the Endgame.

Because the International servers are worldwide, there won’t be a truce during Christmas on the .com servers during that time.

Read the official announcement thread here: According to the admin of the USA Regional servers, there will be a Christmas Truce starting on either the 23rd or 24th of December, but they won’t announce what day it will start in advance. See this post for more info: They haven’t announced how long the truce will last for.

The United Kingdom servers will be getting a two-day Christmas Truce starting on Christmas Eve and ending on Boxing Day at 12:00 pm UK time. This was decided after they had a vote on the forums that was overwhelmingly in favour of having a truce during the holidays. It works similar to the truce, with Scouts still working and no troops dieing from starvation.

Server 4 UK won’t have a ceasefire as the game is in the endgame.

The Christmas decorations on the UK forums are really cool. Check them out here:, and also take a look at their new Christmas icon here: They also have other special Christmas events planned for their forums. They do an awesome job on those forums each holiday.

The UK servers also regularly have a truce during Easter. The Australian servers are doing something a little bit different. They’ll be having a truce both on Christmas day and New Years day, but those truces will be only about a day long each. Read the official announcement here:

On the Australian servers, even the games that are in Endgame will have a Christmas truce with no starvation. That’s sure to have an interesting effect on the end of the game.

The Christmas truce will begin at midnight Christmas Day and end on noon on December 26th, lasting a total of 36 hours. The New Years truce will last 24 hours, starting on noon December 31st and ending on noon January 1st. (So if you’re playing on an Australian server, don’t sleep in past noon after your New Years Party!)

The Australian Forums are also having a special “Twelve Days of Christmas” event, during which new things happen on the forums each day as we get closer to Christmas. You can view it here: On the India Servers, there will also be a Christmas and New Years Ceasefire. You can read the announcement here:

Similar to in Australia, the Christmas truce lasts 36 hours while the New Years truce lasts 24 hours.

There’s talk that the India servers will also get a truce during Diwali, which is major holiday in India.

They’ve also announced that there will be a fourth server starting in India, which is great news for the people who play on the India servers and a good sign that Travian is successfully catching on in the country. The server will be starting on December 21st, just a few days before the truce begins (and it will be using Travian 3.6 rules). Read the official announcement here: I look forward to one day adding the winners of this server to the Hall of Champions!

So that’s a look at what all the different English language Travian servers are doing during the holidays! Merry Christmas from Travian Champions everyone!


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  1. hello there;)

    I have played server my IGN their was sabkasutta, and I sat for the account veen and took a WW. I m wondering if you remember..?
    you have covered that endgame story very nicely, and I really appreciate if you will do the same in server.
    here people are playing with their extreme strategy.. which is no less then .com servers.. here from the unban of WWs. 3 WWs were 0 popped and one was chiefed.. and the game is going more and more interesting day by day…

    if you will make mind of covering story of server.
    we can provide you all the possible data that you from the start of the server if needed…

    I wanted to contact you but couldn’t find any proper channel, so I m leaving this comment.

    sorry for going off topic.


    i request you to cover the endgame story of

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