S6.com Endgame: Final Stats

I’ve posted before about what an amazing  job Globetrotter from the Server 6 forums did when it came to analyzing the endgame and posting graphs and statistics. I’d like to thank him once again for doing such an excellent job, and I’m going to copy a lot of his closing analysis from this thread onto Travian Champions.

When the server eventually restarts, all the posts in the forums will disappear, but thanks to this site, the exciting endgame of Server 6 and all of Globetrotter’s great job covering it will stay a part of Travian history. All of the following is written by Globetrotter:

Final Standings

The final standings are as follows:

The evolution of the top WWs throughout the last 2 weeks are as follows:

The final stats as per the data made available to me gives the following:

Largest Teuton Armies:

As far as the Teuton hammers are concerned, we see a net domination of SL/OZ in the top 5, especially in the Catapult Power standings. As per the last column, it was Codename who was at the receiving end of most of these hammers.

Largest Gaul Armies:

The Gauls top 5 shows an equivalent repartition between LMFAOD and SL/OZ Gaul hammers, although LMFAOD is mainly represented by ONE/SE players. Once again, Codename appears as a favorite target, but Bandrit as well was shown lots of “love”…

Largest Roman Armies:

On the Roman side, there is a net domination of LMFAOD hammers with LOD dominating the Roman Cata Power and MFD most of the rest. Fire&Ice was one of the WWs the most targeted by the top Roman hammers.

All Tribes combined:
As for the top 5 with all tribes combined, here it goes:

As per the above table, we can see a clear domination of SL/OZ (& TBC). However, the most powerful Catapult Hammers came from LOD in general. Codename once again seems to be the preferred target of those beasts, followed by Fire&Ice.

Below is a graph that summarizes the hammers repartition per alliance, for the end-game – again, the data was based on all the battle reports that were posted, so some of them might be left out:

On the left, the Total #hammers / armies that were unleashed on the WWs (at least those recorded), followed by a breakdown of hammers from each size group. I have put on the far right the total #hammers / armies > 75K in crop size.

As you can see, SL/OZ have unleashed the highest amount of armies. But, MFD and LOD are not far behind, and I am sure there are a few out there that never reached their targets on time. SL/OZ dominates the >200K category, with huge hammers recorded.
TBC & ONE are at par for >75K, with the difference that most of ONE’s are in the 75K-150K range whereas TBC’s are all in the >75K range.

The following table records the number of armies:

As for the Hammer repartition (>75K), here it goes:

MFD & LOD & ONE combined therefore get 58% of the >75K Hammers, v/s 35% for SL/OZ and 6% for TBC, knowing that LMFAOD had more hammers in reserve.


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