Pictures of the top armies from the last

Seeing as how I’m about to do a “year-in-review” post, this seemed like an appropriate time to add this to the site.

This is an image of the top armies of the winning alliance on the previous Server 4 which ran from 2008-2009, and which was also this site’s first entry I did into the Hall of Champions on this site. Click on the image to see a bigger version (and then click on that image to zoom in again if you need to).

Those armies were definitely impressive, and did quite a number on enemies of LM and War Lord. So as we look back on this year, we should definitely give this team of players their due and remember the dominate victory they won on that server  (The alliance Legion was also a part of the Meta-alliance with LM and War Lord, they undoubtably had some big hammers as well. But the ones on display here are very impressive).


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