Crewchat Summary

The Travian Crew Chat happened earlier today (or last night depending on what time zone you live in), and I’ll try to do a full report on it after a transcript of it is posted on the Travian forums. But here’s a quick rundown of some important news and things that were said:

  • There won’t be a Christmas truce on, but there might be a New Years Truce (it sounds like if they do decide to do one, they want to keep it a surprise)
  • Travian 3.6 is here to stay, but there’s a possibility there might be classic servers that use version 3.0 or version 3.5.
  • It’s unlikely that the Auto-Return function initially included in Travian 3.6 will ever return to (but other Travian domains around the world might keep it).
  • The Auto-dodge feature introduced in Travian 3.6 could be eliminated in the future, and the Rally Point change might be “adjusted”, according to Tschena
  • New applicants for Moderators, In-Game Support, and Multihunters are welcome, send an application to if you want to apply. The positions are all volunteer.
  • There was lots of other important questions asked too, so stay tuned and I’ll try to have a summary up soon!

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