S6.com: High Praise For Codename

S6.com is about to come to an end, with Lethal’s World Wonder very close to clinching the victory for LMFAOD:

But right now, it’s time to appreciate the second-place World Wonder held by Codename, for how well it was played, how much defense it was able to have, and how it was able to take hits from the enemy’s biggest armies and still keep going.

Codename held the lead for a good portion of the endgame, and many of the attacks launched on it by Space Lizards did a lot less damage than expected, due to the huge number of defenses contained there. Space Lizards would have to come back to Codename’s World Wonder several times with massive armies that would easily flatten other Wonders. I don’t think there’s ever been a World Wonder that took on this many huge attacks and still managed to finish a close second.

The total defense at Codename’s was comparable to Cassini’s World Wonder from the alliance SBD on the last Server 8 – but keep in mind that SBD only had one World Wonder to defend! (and I think Codename still comes out ahead by a fair margin for total defenders)

So without any further ado, here are some of Codename’s Greatest Hits:

This Ram army couldn’t bring the wall all the way down, despite its impressive size:

From earlier in ther server:

And I’ve already posted this one, but it deserves to be posted again:

Here is what some of the Server 6 players are saying about Codename and how well defended his Wonder was (click here to read the whole thread):

Alha: Even if Lethal’s WW is very likely to be the first to level 100, I think yours was the one who won the game for you by taking all the hits.

Odinstaff: It’s been an honour playing with you Code.
Your dedication, sleep less nights and the pounding you took proved an inspiration and we rallied behind you.

I will say every WW holder except Adelwar deserves to win.
But I feel Codename earned it.
Reddadude and BrushMonkey gave up the defense they had to ensure Code had enough to close out and I admire and salute their sacrifice.

Splatter: I’d like to give the entire Code team props for holding the huge def over the extended period of time they did. I’d also like to recognise the large group of people behind the Code plan management. Even though the account suffered a huge amount of attacks, those plans were always kept safe and only a minute amount of build time was lost, if any.

Author: CODENAME took down so many hammers that CWL had almost nothing left to go after lethal. Great job and I am proud to have you with us for the win. We could not have done it without you and this win is shared by all.

with this server nearing its end, there’s a lot to look back upon, but I think the amazing defense mounted at Codename’s World Wonder will be one of the things from this Server 6 that is remembered the most. Not surprisingly, Codename is certain to finish as the #1 defender.


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