S6.com: The bigger they are the harder they fall…

I apologize again for not being able to stay up to date with everything that’s happening on Server 6 at Travian.com (not to mention Sever 1 and Server 7). I’ve been very busy, and keeping up to date with a Travian endgame can be very time-consuming. For a good wrap-up of what’s been going on, I suppose this thread is the right place to start (I’ll try to read through it all when I have the time).

It’s obvious that a lot of destruction has swept across the server, and here are some highlights of it. First let’s look at the current standings:

Geez, where do I even start? In the space of a week, several World Wonders have changes hands and the map has been re-drawn.

I didn’t spend much time talking about it earlier, but LoD and MFD merged their sides together, in order to fight against Space Lizards/CWL/Oz and their allies. Back when this was a three horse race, CWL and Co. were the biggest alliance of the three, but as you can see now, Space Lizards have lost their world wonders. I wouldn’t have expected to see such big losses like that, from a well-organized and effective Meta-alliance. This is the first time I’ve seen something of the sort.

Space Lizards have lost both Phoca and Lubricious’ World Wonders, and Bandrit’s is surely out of the game at this point. It must be a bitter pill for them to swallow, but LoD and MFD combined must have just been too big for them.

LMFAOD stands for LoD, Myth, Fun, One, and Dino. I assume the “A” is for “and”.

Convienently, the acronym can also stand for “Laughing My Fucking Ass Off Dieing.”

 Now that they hold 7 of the 9 World Wonders that are still in contention, the LoD and MFD Merged alliance looks like they will almost certainly win, once they can recover from whatever damage the other side has inflicted on them.

After the alliance merged, but before Space Lizards lost their World Wonders, Codename looking to be on the verge of victory, but the other side manged to take it away from him. But the defense at Codename’s World Wonder was huge, and this big hammer didn’t do nearly the amount of damage it normally would:


The defense at Codename’s World Wonder must have been huge in order to turn that monster away. Congratulations to Brezzok&Anarchy and the defenders of Codename for both doing a great job.

But Codename’s World Wonder looks to be in trouble now, as Codename has been reduced to just 5 cities. And besides his World Wonder city, only one of them has a population over 300 (He actually had only 4 left but then he managed to conquer another recently). So it looks like he’ll have a hard time protecting a World Wonder construction plan from this point on.

Still, even with Codename in trouble, LMFAOD seems to have an overwhelming advantage. I’ll try to stay up to date with this server and do a final report on it when it ends.


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  1. Busy.. yeah, I know the meaning of that word. 🙂

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