S6.com: Getting all caught up (thanks to Globetrotter)

This is possibly the best Endgame Analysis Thread I’ve ever seen. This guy puts me to shame:


I’m going to do a big quote from Globetrotter, and it will pretty much summarize what’s happened in the game since my coverage broke off. (If you’ve already read this, scroll down to the bottom to see an awesome battle report and hear what’s coming up in the future)

As I mentioned previously through the hammers stats, this last week has been one of the bloodiest ever. Huge hammers were unleashed from all sides and sent out on their final journey, carrying all the hopes of ensuring the success of their own people – even the last player in the current top #10 attackers of the week has scored more than many previous #1 top attackers …
WWs were zeroed, others simply changed hands… Leading WWs standings were shuffled over and over again, with one of the leading WW almost reaching its target, only to get delayed after its adversaries put up a desperate final effort to bring it down… Competing alliances finally made their merge official, and even started coordinated attacks against enemy strongholds… In short, an eventful week…

The first major news to be mentioned is of course the loss of 2 WWs for SL / OZ, with Lubricious losing his WW to the enemy after Phoca’s loss the previous week. This therefore gives SL / OZ’s rivals the advantage of 9 WWs v/s 4. However, needless to remind the public that the WWs of Adelwar, Hamper and Zorlin will not be contending for the race (especially that Zorlin has followed Adelwar’s steps in keeping only one village, the one with the WW). Therefore, this effectively gives an advantage of 7 to 3 WWs in favor of MFD+LOD+ONE+SE.

The second major news was the long awaited confirmation about the merger of the northern alliances. For some time, MFD and LOD had declared having a NAP only, and that they would not target one another until late into the game, depending on how the game went. But now, their official alliance was sealed as most of their WW holders rallied under the same tag: LMFAOD. They were also rejoined by their southeastern fighters and allies.

As for the week’s events and WW standings, well, lots of happenings there:

November 30th: The opening of the week saw Codename still in the lead @98, but still licking his wounds from previous strikes that managed to take the WW down a couple of levels as he had the level 100 very likely queued. Nevertheless, he was still 7 levels ahead from the nearest contenders, i.e. Sparticus (91), Fire&Ice (91), Shakal (90) and Bandrit (90).

But, with Sparticus also severely hit on November 25th, and practically stuck on level 91, the only real contenders were actually the 3 SL / OZ WW holders and of course, Codename. Or so it appeared to be the case at first sight… (but we’ll get to that later)

In order to secure Codename’s lead and give him enough time to rebuild, the LMFAOD command HQ had mainly one choice: strike at each and every SL / OZ WW hard enough to put it completely out of the race. Should the triple strike be successful, Codename would get a safe home run and give victory to all.

December 1st: And so, hostilities against WWs were resumed on the 1st of December; surely, hammers were already on their way a few days before.

Bandrit’s WW was the first to get a taste of what MFD was capable of… 92 was the level of the WW… 0 was its state at the end of the strike, with 6 hammers used. Lubricious’ WW was to follow. In Lub’s case, not only was the WW zeroed, but the village itself was captured by the SE coalition hostile to SL / OZ dominance, with the help of its northern allies.

December 2nd: That day wasn’t any quieter, as it was Fire&Ice’s turn to be at the receiving end of enemy hammers. After a lone hitter managed to damage its WW from 92 to 91 the previous day, the WW was finally damaged by a couple of levels more, and infrastructure suffered quite a bit. And this time, MFD had sent some of its own hammers to assist those of LOD, in one of the first joint operations against an SL / OZ WW.

Now, with 2 WW practically severed, and only one more to take down, the LMFAOD group felt that victory was finally within its grasp again, especially that armies were already en route to hit the 3rd SL WW under Shakal…

But this was again without counting on SL / OZ tenacity and will to fight… The same day Fire&Ice was struck, their leading WW under Codename came under huge fire from the biggest hammers seen so far on the server. The WW took a 3 level hit from 98 to 95, and infrastructure was damaged. Surprised? Well, knowing SL / OZ, one should expect anything and everything…

December 3rd: the northern armies finally landed on Shakal, knocking his WW from 92 to 84, and inflicting infrastructure damage as well, putting him behind Simethered’s WW.

BUT, as all of these leading WWs were taking hits, one of them was silently and continuously presenting itself as the real contender to the win. With a very steady growth after he got hit very early in the race, Lethal was catching up slowly but surely, and as WWs were knocked down or slowed down in front of him, he finally stole the leadership from Codename late on December 3rd… By the looks of it, he even has the infrastructure to go all the way…

But has he really gone unnoticed all that time? Surely LMFAOD hoped so and had in any case enough time to stuff him with defense, while on SL / OZ side, everyone hoped for yet another surprise.

December 4th: LMFAOD kept striking hard at Fire&Ice. With defense being shifted around between her WW and Shakal’s, LMFAOD seized the opportunity of striking at her non-stop, in an attempt to prevent her from rejoining the WW race. As a matter of fact, most of her villages came under fire, and it was recorded that she had lost a lot of pop overall. Shakal was already badly hurt, so it was very likely that LMFAOD would keep an eye on his recovery before striking again. Besides, he had the Natars heading his way…

As for Lethal, as expected, SL / OZ’s reaction wasn’t going to be long to come. By mid-day, 6 hammers tried the impossible to hurt his progression. As his name states, he was indeed lethal, for the sacrifice of those 6 brave armies was almost in vain. 2 Great Warehouses were hardly scratched, nothing that Lethal can’t recover from.

The WW standings shortly after the hits on Lethal are as follows (December 4th @ 13:00)
Name:  Status on Dec 04 - 13h00.jpg Views: 148 Size:  60.9 KB

With those results on Lethal, one could state that SL / OZ have launched whatever they had left… “the dregs at the bottom of the barrel” if I am to quote one of the leaders… Having said that, Lethal now is in fact the favorite for the final sprint, and the road to the finish line seems clear for him (unless something unexpected occurs…)

I will probably show some more graphs once the WW level 100 is reached in order to show the progression of each WW holder. For now, I will stick to the following graph:
Name:  Top 7 WWs.jpg Views: 149 Size:  36.0 KB

The graph includes the top 7 WWs of this week, and their progression over the past 2 weeks; you can clearly see Codename’s frustration, Bandrit’s WW collapse, Sparticus’ neutralization, the ups and downs of Shakal and Fire&Ice, and especially, Lethal’s steady progression, the current new WW race leader.


Dec 2nd @ 19:30 (opening salvo, the others being spaced by a couple of hours)
The Rammer:

The Cats:

Note, I separated the Rammers from the rest, as its owner deserves recognition for the amount of rams (and catas) amassed in this single strike.

Despite the huge ram-hammer, the wall wasn’t completely knocked down. This gives an idea once again regarding the defense behind Codename’s walls, as seen in the BR below:



Dec 4th @ 12:00

Thanks to the amazing defense there, the impact of the hammers was minimal. It was clear that SL/OZ lacked an additional ram hammer to secure the way.

On the SL / OZ front – 3 out of 3 WWs


Dec 1st @ 07:10

Decoy or no decoy, overkill or no overkill, the hammers here were impressive and did their job. Bandrit’s WW went from 92 to 0 in no time, with only the 3 last hammers aiming at the WW.


Dec 1st @ 08:43

Despite being a lone hitter, this hammer still managed to take out one WW level.

Dec 2nd @ 07:47

The defense put up at Fire&Ice seemed also pretty huge, as many of the hammers that had targeted the WW did less damage than what they could have done on other WWs. Fire&Ice seemed to be at that time SL / OZ’s bet for the win.


Dec 3rd @ 19:09 (opening salvo – the other strikes landed a few hours later)

Shakal wasn’t spared, and before defense could be moved from Fire&Ice to him, LMFAOD were already on their way to him. There was no need for major hammers out here to do the job.

================================================== =============
Voilà for the latest with the info at hand. I hope to have delivered so far a very fair analysis of the events, staying as objective as possible. For those who are wondering who’s side I played on, well… let’s say that it is a small alliance in the SW who’s leader has held a WW and unleashed quite a number of decent hammers throughout the end game

(Seriously, I cannot get over the dedication and thoroughness that Globetrotter is showing in his analysis threads on S6.com. And the battlereports that other people are sharing too are very impressive and comprehensive. Follow this thread and you won’t miss a thing.)

Here’s a real gem of a report from that thread, showing the huge defense at Codename’s World Wonder:

I’ll try to post more on S6 later. I’ve got a lot to write about between this and S1.com, S7.com, other servers, and more on Travian 3.6. Not sure if I’ll be able to get to it all. But I promise a big wrap-up on S6 when it all ends. I have some colour commentary to add to Globetrotter’s play by play.


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