Poll Results: How many servers do you play on?

A little while ago I put my first poll on this site, asking how many Travian servers they play on. Here are the results:

I only play one server myself. Between that and running this site, that’s all the Travian I can handle! Almost half the respondents see things the same way. Playing one server allows you have a life outside of Travian, and once your account has become big enough, there’s enough action on one server to keep you busy if you’re a player that likes to keep raiding, attacking, and building.

Playing two servers seems doable, but I don’t know how people play 3 or more, but apparently some of you do. I guess with dual accounts it becomes easier, but even though I love playing Travian, I wouldn’t want to play it that much. But I tip my hat to those of you who do. You’re hardcore.

I think by nature I tend to like to finish a strategy game before I start a new one. Back when I used to play a lot of Civilization, or other Strategy games (Any Birth of the Federation fans out there?) I would only have one game going at a time, and I think that just naturally carries over into Travian. I don’t like having to split my focus – or split my Gold, for that matter.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! I’ll have a new poll on the site in a few days. I plan on making this a regular feature.


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