In Favour of the Travian 3.6 Changes

I’m planning on posting part 2 of  my “Thoughts on Travian 3.6” later today. In the meantime, I thought I’d share this piece written by Imram, a player who supports the Travian 3.6 changes that was posted on the forums.
It’s nice to hear that someone likes these changes. Even if I’m not happy about Travian 3.6, knowing that other people are makes it more bearable. (Note that Imram is against the “Auto-recall” feature, which I’ve said before is by far the worst idea from Travian 3.6. Hopefully that part of Travian 3.6 will be deleted.)
Why I support T3.6

1. It limits/eliminates Micro-farming
– With RP limitations, the farmers are actually forced to actually think instead of mindlessly sending out wave after wave every time they return even though they bring minimal bounty. It actually gives small nub players a fighting chance to actually LEARN to LOVE the game instead of being farmed to deletion/inactivity. I can relate to the feeling of desperation when some big army dude keeps sending troops around even though he gets nothing from when I first started the game.

2. It injects new strategy and tactics into the game.
– I’ve lost track of how many times alliances send out MMs to mass-fake enemies with literally thousands of fakes per wing and how with enough fakes it’s nearly impossible to detect reals with the endless onslaught of incomings. Alliances now have to make sure each and every player takes part in ops instead of just simming behind the alliance meatshields. Offensive operations now require better planning and coordination but they’re still possible.

3. Botters will lose out
– I’ve heard from a “friend” of mine that the most of the free scripts around no longer work with T3.6. I don’t know if that’s true or not but it’s a hell of a good thing for legitimate average Joe travian players like me. Heck most top raiders are just scripters/no lifers anyway. I know from personal contacts and experience that a LOT of the old top raiders just used scripts to farm and usually deleted when they got pounded/lost army.

4. Cheaper PLUS and more free options for non-Gold players + more expensive additional shizz for gold players
-Hell yeah I’m in heaven

5. Auto-avoid
-It’s a bit like GoD-modding for paying noobs/lazy players but then again most players can avoid attacks (some even claim to be able to avoid 1 sec counters ) anyway so I don’t really see a problem with this regardless of what most people claim. You need Gold Club to use auto-avoid so more paying noobs = more revenue for travian = more fun features for us non-paying players

6. Trade Routes
-It reduces micro-managing and lets us focus more on the bigger picture instead of shifting resources every few hours from all villages to army village/capital. Micro-managing = suckage imho.

Edited Additions

Some bad points:

1. Faking will suck since you’re only limited to a set amount of outgoing attacks at any one point. This will affect midgame and endgame immensely. If the limit could be avoided for fake attacks that would be awesome but if not then a compromise for a higher Rally Point limit would be appropriate.

2. It now promotes simming and focuses less on aggressive farming. But then again, how aggressive you are depends on you as a player and not the game mechanics.

3. Sniping armies with the movement speed artifact and ghost armies will be impossible if the target player sets the auto-avoid on.

Disclaimer:  This is my personal view and you can flame me all you want. It won’t change anything. However I believe that the auto-return is waaaay too overpowered and seriously imbalances the playing field between the conservative gold user and the gold extremists.


One Response

  1. Actually, the insta-recall was removed for the recently opened Trav 3.6 us3 server. I have a feeling that one is officially “gone” from Trav 3.6 from here on in.

    Also, rally point is up to 5 attacks per level now.

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