Two New Quests Added to the Taskmaster

Two new quests have now been added to the Taskmaster, it seems. The 23rd quest will be to build an embassy, and the 24th quest will be to join an alliance.

This will push first time players into joining alliances earlier.

On one hand, being a part of an alliance in Travian is a very important part of the game, so getting players to find this out is may be a good thing.

On the other hand, this will lead to new players joining alliance long before they’ve really gotten the hang of things. And it will encourage more new players to start alliances of their own, which generally is a mistake.

In any event, you definitely expect to see less small players who are unaligned in the future.

The rewards for completing these quests will be pretty small.

For building an Embassy, a player will receive 100 wood, 60 clay, 90 iron and 40 crop.

For joining an Alliance, a player will receive 120 wood, 140 clay, 90 iron and 50 crop.

Here’s a picture of the new final quest:

2 Responses

  1. Meh, gives you more resources than the embassy is worth and tries to force noobs to interact with other players and not just play simcity on their own.
    Besides, you’re not supposed to get the hang of things straight away.

  2. This is wrong, quest 23 asks how much gold a player earns for getting someone else to restart on their link when they found their second village

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