Travian one of the top ten search terms in France for 2009

My first reaction is that it’s a little too early to announce the top 10 search terms of the year (December just started dudes!), but this report is legit, so I thought I’d share it here anyway. Travian was the #5 search term of the year according to Yahoo France. Some readers might be surprised to find out that Travian is very popular in France. In fact, there are more players on the France servers than there are on the USA ones!

Anyway, here’s the story. I used Google Translate to change it from French to English, so that’s why the English is a little funny. The original story appears here.

If you want to know the main concerns of French Internet users in 2009, nothing like a little overview of the ranking of search engine Yahoo. Beware, if it flies high, burnout is not far.
1. Secret Story (A Reality TV Show in France)
2. Olympique de Marseille (A Professional Soccer team)
3. Michael Jackson
4. Paris Saint Germain (Another Soccer team)
5. Travian
6. Rihanna
7. Influenza A
8. Everyone wants to take his place
9. New Star
10. AS St Etienne

Obviously, these results are the biggest buzz of the year, between soliciting mass emissions of reality TV like “Secret Story” and the death of the most famous extraterrestrial life on Earth, Michael Jackson. There are also some clubs in League 1 Football (by far the best league in Europe for those who love the goals of the knee). Influenza A is, in turn, that the 7th rank, despite the hype about the traditional media.

Imagine if Yahoo had let his statistics appear in the search of pornography …

Only small consolation, the presence of Travian, a massively multiplayer web game rather well done and quite addictive.


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