Website Status Update

I’ve been overwhelmingly busy with school, work, and other unpleasant activities I don’t want to bore you with, and thus I’ve been a little light on updating the site lately.

But I’m glad to say that this period won’t last much longer, and I’ll be updating regularly again very soon.

I apologize that this site sometimes seems to have a habit of stopping and starting. Have Oggles as a contributor really helps with that, and it’s great to be able to feature the latest news from the Australian servers on this site.

I have every intention of making this site’s blog one that updates daily at the very least, either from me or via a contributor like Oggles. That’s how blogs should be in my opinion. And I hope that on most days there can be several updates throughout the day. I’ve got a lot to write about, so expect to see some new updates soon!

In other news, we’ve passed another milestone at Travian Champions: I’m happy to say this site has over 70,000 hits! Thanks to all my readers and everyone who comes to visit this site!

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