Travian 3.6 Reaction from leader

One of the leaders of ArES, an elite alliance from 08-09, posted his thoughts about Travian 3.6 on the .com fourms:

Vercingetorix: The biggest problem I have with 3.6 is the rally point restrictions. As pointed out, s10 has only been in testing for what, 3 weeks? The rally point restriction will hurt the most active raiders early in the game, but that is about it. The biggest problem will come in mid-game and end-game. The reason for this is the restriction placed on the number attacks able to be sent.

On s8 I led ArEs the last several months of the server. We fought against several Apeiron wings near the NE/NW border. My battle-group players would often get a list of at least 6 players to fake and they would often fake at least 5 villages of each player. Our strong players would often times send a minimum of 10 waves per attack/fake. That equals out to 6 players X 5 villages = 30 villages attacked X 10 attacks per wave = 300 attacks being launched from one hammer village.

I know of battle-groups in other alliances that sent many more attacks at a time than that. This rally point restriction is going to drastically alter the mid/late game attack structure of the game.

It is issues like this that have not been tested out due to the extrememly short testing time period. It would be far better to run a new test version through at least one full server cycle and giving a chance to view the benefits and deficits of any changes as viewed through the critical lense of an entire fully-played server… rather than what has been done.

I think Vercingetorix makes some good points. At high-level play, this Rally Point change will have a huge effect. The whole nature of how fake attacks work will undergo a massive change.

But one question to ask it whether or not this change might actually make the game better? If fake attacks no longer are effective as they once were, does that make the game worse? Or could it make the game better?

I know players are used to sending massive fake attacks to help protect their hammer, but is making it harder for them to send a massive amount of fakes really detrimental to the game? It makes it easier to defend and harder for players to be wiped out because they weren’t able to spot the fake. There are two sides to this and I’m kind of torn myself, but I think it’s something that bears consideration.


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  1. We will still be able to send massive amounts of fakes, but it will involve more players and the planning will necessitate overlap… for example, having each individual fake 3 players instead of 5 and rotating through the fakes as such:

    player 1 fakes: a, b, c
    player 2 fakes: b, c, d
    player 3 fakes: c, d, e
    player 4 fakes: d, e, a
    player 5 fakes: e, a, b

    You align your battle-groups along those lines. You can repeat the same formula among several groups so that the 5 players above get lots of fakes, or you can assign groups of 5 to fake a group like above and each battle-group of 5 players gets a different set of enemy players to fake. It requires additional planning, each individual player is sending fewer fakes, but the overall effect of mass-fakes remains. As others have stated in the public travian forum, however, it will require large alliances with large battle-groups to pull this off. The effectiveness and element of surprise for a small group of players is lessened.

    *The above system does work, I used it at times when having the ArEs battle-group fake Apeiron wings… I’m not disclosing the rest of my strategies at this time though 🙂

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