Travian 3.6: More about the Rally Point Changes

Here’s a further explanation of the Rally Point changes in Travian 3.6. I must say, when you put it this way, it makes a lot of sense:

Dear players,

as the changes to the rally point brought up a lot discussion we want to tell you the reasons why we decided to make those.

We are able to detect a huge variety of different bots. We monitor this data now for several weeks. Those data is collected by Travian Games, no Admin nor Multihunter has access to those yet.

Our analyses have shown that nearly all players with having constantly more then 100 troop movements are using bots. We know that there are professionals who manage to do so without a bot.
Some details we discovered while checking different data from com5:

  • Only 31 of all players would have been limited by the new Rally Point restriction
  • exactly 12 of them are not using bots to maintain those troop movements
  • this means out of 25000 Players, only 12 none cheating players are affected by the Rally Point restriction

Worldwide analyses show that com5 is a pretty good example for the average Travian server. We found one server where 17 none cheating players would have been affected, on the other side one where only 2 would have been affected.

Now we are finished with monitoring and analyzing the data of bot usage. We will set up a new bot detection and punishing system after finishing the T3.6 test period.
So please do not discuss about bot punishments anymore because we are taking care of that issue.
The bot issue combined with the possibility to be successful without bots and playing 24/7 with 5 persons in the account was one of the main reasons why we created T3.6 as it is.

The reason why we chose com10 as one of our test servers (along with tr9 and asia5) is that lots of players from all over the world are playing on .com. Your opinion during the test period is important to us. But please argue and tell us reasons for why things are good or not. The best thing for you and us, would be you playing the new server and giving us feedback of your experiences with the new features.

Thank you in advance for your effort on helping us making Travian even better.

Best Regards
Agge (Community Manager)

(This was originally posted on the forums here)

I say that the main problem with Travian 3.6 is the ability to instantly recall troops in exchange for gold. The Rally Point change seems to be getting the most attention from players though. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I don’t see it as a huge deal. And if it inhibits bots usage that’s a major positive.


One Response

  1. Did the tools for detecting bots that the developer mentions in the second paragraph ever get released to the MHs and other admins?

    Or is there possibly a large ban-wave coming down the pike?

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