Summary of Round 1

This is just a little something on the first round of Aux were I played an active role in a few months back. Round 2 is almost at end game and I will be following the WW race closely 🙂

Aux endgame started pretty much as expected. Reborn and TheFourHorsemen meta’d to become Reborn Horseman while WarMachine and TheUnknown joined up to make TUWM. Both Meta’s were of similar strength although R*H were forum favourites. This is partly because they had more forum users and partly because as rumour had it they had a large number of big hammers hanging around. As endgame got closer part of the Alliance WolfPack joined TUWM Meta and about a dozen of the small farm alliances got together to make DUSK/DAWN although no-one really thought they’d get far in the WW race.

Here is a brief overview of the 2 main Meta’s a week before WW spawning

TUWM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       WM-X (South), WM-V (South), WM-A (South), T-UnKnwn (NE and North SE), T-uNW-un (NW), T-Un@2 (NE), •WP-SW¹• (SW)

R*H                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Reborn (North), ReborN|I (North), T4H™ (NW), T4H-II™ (NW), T4H-III™(NW)

With Natars just round the corner something unexpected happened. The alliance WarMachine who had been the most offensive alliance for quite some time spilt in 2. Unlike most alliances WM never had any internal issues and everyone seemed to be happy. I won’t go into details about how it happened but Greyhaupt (WM Leader) leaving for 2 weeks and the Meta with T-UnKnwn had a lot to do with it.

After the WM spilt nothing much happened untill WW spawn apart from what seemed like a secret alliance between the SE alliance TFA and RH. Also WM-X allied with Dawn/Dusk and TUWM became GH (Ironicallythe reason why Greyhaupt was kicked from TUWM leaders chat was because he wanted TUWM to change its name to something just like GH). WW spawned on the 1st of August and after 3 days all but one was taken.

While everyone is waiting around for building plans to pop up TFA decide to have a wee bit of fun.They decide to destroy a large amount of GH hammers. All of which are owned by GH-X (Somnia’s WM) players. Thruough endgame TFA zero popped 7 large GH-X hammers and took down over a million GH defensive troops.

Below are just a few reports of TFA agaisnt GH-X,bb60ad7ac,51fdf78e4

As expected the R*H and GH World Wonders took the lead with the other alliances WW’s a wee way behind.

A couple of days late the placings had changed with l0t0l (no1 pop player) taking the lead ahead of Cookies! from GH. Although it came as a bit of a shock when some Dusk/Dawn/WM WWs appeared closely behind GH and R*H Also 1 or 2 hammers were chucked around and a building plan was stollen from GH halting progress on their leading WW for 12hrs.



As l0t0l’s and Jack B’s WWs neared the 100 mark some decent hammers started to fly in. First we had the surviving GH-X hammers come flying in against l0t0l.,da22d3a85,6f009ac1e,37b45b5e6

R*H retaliated against Jack B with this hammer

It came as a bit of a shock  when Aux ended a few days later especially after hearing about all these hammers R*H “supposedly” had. What surprised people the most was that mystic from Dusk/Dawn ended up at lv94 when everyone though DD were just a tonne of unorganized farms.

GH WW Support: GH-X, GH-V, GH-U, GH-W, GH-V, GH-K, GH-Y

R*H WW Support: R*H, R*H I, R*H II, R*H III, WM-X, Zhou R*H


Here are some of the endgame speechs from some of the more well known players

Greyhaupt Leader of WM

Cookies! Round 1 Winner

AwEsOmEsAuRuSrEx Round 1 Runner Up

Mystic Dusk/Dawn Leader and Holder of 3rd place WW


And some WW pics

Aux round 1 won’t be remembered as one of the most interesting endgames nor one of the longest ones but with endgame just round the corner round 2 may be a wee bit more interesting 😉



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  1. Hi! Former TFA’er from that round here. Thanks for the shout-out. That round was the most fun I have ever had on Travian – you’d think 2 straight weeks of crop management as my hammers went out again and again would get old, but planning each one with a different setup was a big challenge. We were thrilled that our armies lasted so long and we have a lot of respect for the players we took down.

    I’m now on comx and chafing under the giant meta constrictions in early and midgame. Interesting things may happen there, soon, though.

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