S6.com: The latest attacks and standings, and endgame graphs!

In my last S6.com update I said that MFD was Brush Monkey looked to be in the lead, but like the other World Wonder that took the lead, it too went crashing down hard, this time by an attack by SL. Here’s the current standings:

The way the standings change so fast on S6.com, sometimes it feels like I’m watching the Speed Server. These guys don’t screw around. Say what you want about SL, but they sure don’t screw around!

This impressive attack above, with a high number of Rams of Teutonic Knights, comes from the biggest player in CWL, and the #5 biggest player overall on the server.

It was followed by two Gaul Hammers that and a Roman Hammer that really messed up the infrastructure in the village…


But it was this massive Teutonic Hammer by the #36 attacker on the Server that took the World Wonder down hard:


And one more army worth mentioning was  little bit late but also scored a hit:


Overall it showed that the defense at Brush Monkey’s World Wonder is a little light, but it looks that’s because the defense is being concentrated at Codename’s World Wonder. Several players on S6 have talked about how a lot of defense seems to be focused there, so look for another hard battle there in the future.

I posted some World Wonder graphs earlier, and the player who made them has posted some updated ones. These are awesome, and I want to thank Globetrotter for making them. If you want to read Globetrotter’s analysis of the S6.com Endgame (which is also really good), it’s on this page: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=129440&page=19

(Note: These were made before Brush Monkey’s World Wonder got hit) 

Here’s MFD’s and ONE’s World Wonder villages over the course of the Endgame:

You can see that Codename’s World Wonder seems to be the one in the lead, so one can expect a huge battle there soon with the fate ofthr game in the balance. Trinity’s World Wonder is in an alliance all by itself and they must be using 2 sets of plans in order to get its levels so high.

Here’s the history of LoD’s World Wonders:

And finally, SL and OZ. One interesting quirk is that some World Wonder that were orginally tagged as SL are now with OZ, but in eneral those alliance are regarded as being part of the same side.

Once again, thanks to Globetrotter for his awesome work in making these graphs. It takes a lot of dedication to do so because you have to record the changes in WW levels and population every day, and he’s been doing them since October 13th. Give this man a round of applause!


3 Responses

  1. Nice work mate!! Very cool (and thx for mentioning me – really appreciate it) 😉

  2. Sparticus got pwned too.

  3. Recent update… Bandrit went all the way down to level 0 today..

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