S6: Many Recent Battles and Lead Changes

Time for a big wrap-up of what’s been happening recently on If you’ve need help telling which alliance is which, refer to this post. These events are presented in the chronological order of which they happened, and all of this happened over the past few days.

After you see all of these attacks, don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying “wow”. The sheer number of armies used over the span of the last few days is something you hardly ever see.

Attacks at Codename’s World Wonder:

Recently, the leading World Wonder was held by MFD, and it had reached level 94. The SL Meta-alliance, which is MFD’s biggest rival, launched a few of their massive armies at it to slow it down. I have reports of four big armies that fought a bloody battle there, here are the battle reports followed by a quick analysis:


Other reports:

Those are definitely some gigantic armies, and Lara Croft’s is especially fierce. But MFD must did a very good job defending their World Wonder, and the damage taken by these attacks won’t keep it out of the race. They way they were able to hold off that first army from zeroing their wall is especially impressive, that many rams would normally have no trouble taking out the wall at an average World Wonder. Not being able to bring down the wall definitely cost them, and it limited the damage their other armies could do. Still, it will take some time for Codename to recover. Here’s one player’s estimate:

Attacks on Trinity:

SL also did major damage to Trinity’s World Wonder (Trinity is in the alliance ONE*JPF, but seems to be received some assistance from MFD). This one was rocked to its core, here are the battle reports from there. As you’ll be able to see, the defense was much lighter.:


 Here’s a full listening of all the battlereports from there, these were #2 and #6 respectively:

Be sure to check out the last attack, which knocks the World Wonder down to level zero.

Attacks on Bandrit:

 Taking out Codename’s World Wonder left SL in the lead with Bandrit’s World Wonder in the lead, but it wasn’t there for very long. It managed to get to level 96 before MFD sent a legion of attacks on it. Here’s a complete listing of all of them, including the Lv.96 Natar attack that happened during the middle of MFD’s attack wave:

Click here to see MFD’s attacks on Bandrit.

These attacks set Bandrit down to Lv.82 from Lv.96, and also took out his Earth Wall and damaged some of his other infrastructure.

Attacks on Fire&Ice:

Fire&Ice was the next World Wonder to take the lead. And yes, the “Ice” in Fire&Ice is the same Ice that won and who I interviewed recently. Man, she has to be one of the most hardcore players I’ve ever seen:

Fire&Ice’s World Wonder got to be in the lead for about a day or two before LoD put a stop to that with 9 huge attack waves:

View all 9 attacks by following these links:

These attacks took out the wall, a great warehouse, and set the World Wonder back 6 levels. Which probably isn’t enough damage to put it down for the count

 Attacks on Simethered’s Wonder:

The next World Wonder in line after Fire&Ice’s was in the hands of LoD, but SL quickly totaled it. I’ve probably posted enough battlereports for one day, so I’ll just put the links up:…id=841466ee812…id=83933c54fee…cbda743b75/1/1

Plan taken from SL:

But it’s not just the World Wonder cities where the action is taking place. While all this was going on, an alliance in the Southeast called ONE*OD managed to steal the World Wonder construction plans from one of SL’s players, leaving them unable to build levels on their World Wonder until they can get a set of plans back. As you can see from this report, they clearly weren’t expecting an attack on their plans:


Current World Wonder Standings:

I’m not sure which World Wonder is in the lead right now, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s MFD with Brush Monkey’s World Wonder. Fire&Ice seems to have restarted building though. I’m sure there are still some big armies out there, so this game is still up in the air.

Next, Travian Champions will be taking a look at how the endgame is going on, but expect to hear more about soon.


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  1. Thanks, good summary.

  2. Great summary, amazing work you’ve done here.

    PS: I am the guy in the first posted attack 🙂

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