S6.com: Tragedy

(If you’re not playing S6, you might want to read this post to familiarize yourself with who the S6 alliances are)

I have bad timing. Server 6 looks like it’s been an entertaining server and a pretty balanced endgame, with several different sides in the running and many possible outcomes. And there’s lots of great info on the forums too. I’ve finally got an account on the server from a player who’s no longer player on it so I can observe (The name of the account is Bounty Hunter – ranked 3772 – feel free to message me in-game and say hi if you’re playing on the server). So I’m excited about finally being able to write about S6.com for this site. Unfortunately, just as I’m about to do a big recap about what’s going on, this happens:

Trio (CWL): CWL-Insane’s account got hacked. We don’t know how long its password has been compromised but that would explain all Perfectly coordinated hits on our WW hammer villages (yes, in the account were google doc links to spreadsheets with all our army sizes and coordinates). Attacks were arriving ONLY against the army villages – no other villages – and were starting to arrive minutes/hours before those hammers were sent out towards a WW.

Yikes. That’s quite an unfortunate development. Now before anyone panics, we should let the Travian Multihunters and Admins do their work and see if they can determine if the account was actually hacked, or if this is all a big misunderstanding. The leaders of the opposing alliances (mainly LoD (Liberty or Death) and MFD (Myth Fun Dino)) have some doubts about whether or not there was actually a hacking taking place. More on that below. All of the attacks are on CWL players, and CWL is part of the SL (Space Lizards) Meta. CWL-Insane is ranked #10 overall on the server.

They say that they were able to discover the account hacking because the password was changed on the account, and the co-player on the account had to contact the original player to get it reset in order to log in.

Six CWL villages that hold endgame armies and that were allegedly just about to launch them are now receiving attacks, which presumably have the goal of destroying the village, and thus the army, before they reach their intended target (NOTE: I’m extrapolating here, it hasn’t been outright said what the total effect of the attacks will be). 

All of the incoming attacks on these CWL villages are coming from the alliance LoD. And only the six villages with the big endgame armies that were allegedly about to launch are being attacked. CWL players have also said that these 6 villages were never attacked before or scouted. Here’s the best recap of the events from a CWL perspective that I could find on the forum: http://forum.travian.com/showpost.php?p=1498091&postcount=158 The initial poster started the thread even before they had realised that all the attacks were coming from LoD.

Hopefully the truth about this will come out. LoD says they did nothing wrong but their leaders are doing an investigation of where they got the information from to see if a player from their alliance acted improperly. Here’s a quote from one of their leaders:

Simetheslime: ok we are investigating

the overall response from LoD leaders was they did not do this, they do not condone this, they would never ask nor authorise this.

attacks launched today come from a list sent to the BG leader on Nov 8th.

… when you get intel you do not always track where it came from, we are now trying to discover how this was obtained.

Edit: apparently the player’s whose attack was allegedly hacked has decided not to report this to the multihunters: http://forum.travian.com/showpost.php?p=1498091&postcount=158

I’m stunned with disbelief. Hopefully someone else from his alliance has decided to do so. Not giving the multihunters a chance to get to the bottom of this is takes a away the best chance to clear this up.

Here are the current WW Standings:


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