S9: A Big Alliance Merger and Artifact Analysis

Quick update from Server 9 – and then I’ll head back to Server 6.

I posted earlier about how was shaping up to be a battle between North and South, and now that’s pretty much official as the northern alliances have merged under one name (all the alliance previously known as Lethal are now called Thunder). They’ve now declared war on the Meta-alliance that dominates the south, ONE.

With those two alliances merged together, here’s what the top-50 alliances on S9 look like today. ONE is red , Thunder is blue, and other alliances in the top 50, like JD, RT, RA, X.Y.Z, W.R.X., KISS, TRA, and G.O.I. are green (NOTE: I want to be clear, The green alliances are not all on the same team)

Here are the current Artifact Standings on Server 9 by alliances, after the Thunder/Lethal merge:

Thunder: 5 unique (Rivals Confusion, Titan Boots, Artifact of the Fool, Architects’ Secret, and Eagle Eyes), 11 large, 19 small

ONE: 2 unique (Trainers Talent and Diet Control), 13 large, 19 small

X.Y.Z: 2 Large (Titan Boots and Eagle Eyes), 4 small

JD: 1 Large (Arcitects’ Secret), 3 small

RT: 1 Small (Rivals Confusion)

W.P.X: 1 small (Eagle Eyes)

TRA: 1 Small (Artifact of the Fool)

Four artifacts are still unclaimed: a great Eagle Eyes, a small Architects’ Secret, and two small Rivals Confusion.

I’m looking forward to a long war between ONE and Thunder, but the other alliances that are out there can definitely make an impact on the game as well.


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