I thought I’d take some time to reply to some reader questions:

Dan: When do you play Travian (i.e. what time of day)? Ever try US speed servers?

I play Travian fairly often throughout the day, so long as it doesn’t interfere with my work and other hobbies. I have a schedule that varies a lot, so I’m not really restricted to a specific time. I’ve never tried the US speed servers, I’ve only ever played on I think I probably will give the US servers a shot sometime in the future, but probably not on the Speed server, because I prefer to play regular speed Travian.

Another reader e-mailed me a while back to ask:

Happymarius (from UKX): Are you planning on making a part regarding Travian records? I know plenty of people that always try to break records, both offence, defense and on raiding 🙂

I’ve thought about doing this, it’s something that I’d like to be able to add to this site. It’s something I’m sure a lot of people would find interesting. But, after I thought about it some more, I figured out that it’s not a very practical idea, and that I’d have to be very careful if I tried to implement it.

If I tried to keep track of World Records, for example, I’d find myself quickly overwhelmed. There are over 360 Travian servers in existence. Most of them in languages I don’t speak.

So what if I tried to just keep track of records for the english-language servers? That sounds more doable, but then we run into another problem: Establishing what the record is in the first place. Travian has been around a lot longer than I’ve been playing it, and no records have officially been kept.

And comparing Travian 3.5 records with Travian 3.0 records is apples and oranges anyway. Travian is also a game that goes through changes. Travian 3.6 will be a lot different from Travian 3.5. Travian 4.0, which is coming eventually, will also be very different. And Travian 4.0 probably won’t be the end-all, be-all either. So how do you compare records with one from another?

I’ll keep thinking about it and I’ll try to figure out some type of system that would work, but right now I’m not sure if there’s really a good way to do this.

2 Responses

  1. Yeah Travian records might be REALLY interesting for SOME people… but might represent more work than it’s worth. 😦

    I was asking about US servers because we’re always keeping an eye out for good duals on our US speed accounts. 🙂

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