Site Updates and Notes

You might have noticed a few new things on this site, and there might be a few more to come.

I added a Paypal donation button. Don’t worry, I’m not going to say that I need a certain level of donations to keep the site going or that I need money to keep spending time on this site. And I’m not going to keep plugging it over and over every week. But if you like the site and you want to donate for the time I’ve put into it, then the donate button is there in the sidebar for you. 

I have a day job and I have no illusions of becoming a professional blogger /website guy. But I do hope this site can grow and go on to become more than what it is now.

That sounds like a good opening for me to talk about this site’s new Australian correspondent, Oggles. But I’m so excited about him coming on board to start writing for this site that I’m going to save that for another post so I can just write all about him and what he’ll be doing on this site. I think that by adding correspondents and more contributors to this site, it can do a lot more coverage of what’s happening around the Travian world.

Another new thing I’ve added to the Sidebar is an Addthis button, for your sharing/bookmarking convenience!

I’ve also figured out how to add Digg buttons to posts, like I did with my interview with Heinz James (it’s at the bottom if you can’t find it). I’m actually really into Much more than Twitter, which I’m fairly ambivalent about. I’ll only add the button to stories that I actually want Dugg, so expect to see it popping up from time to time.

I also want to take this time to remind people to vote in this site’s first poll:

Recently I talked about how I’m going to be including coverage of India servers on Travian Champions, because I found out that they have English language servers. A reader wrote in to tell me there’s one more place I didn’t know about:

Hey randomgeek,

They also running an english server here. Small bit of politics, not much to do to cover up…maybe you wanna try there too. is Pakistan’s regional server. They have only 1 server running and only 3,034 players. I’m debating how hard I want to stick to my “all English servers” policy because that’s pretty small. Travian is probably just starting there, maybe I should give it some more time to grow there before I bother with coverage of it. (The India servers, which are also pretty new, are a lot more populated). I don’t want to dilute the concept of “Hall of Champions.” Do any readers want to weigh in on this?


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