S7.com Endgame is Here, About a Month Early

This happened earlier with S1.com, so it was less of a surprise when there was an announcement on Travian.com saying that the Natars would be arriving a lot earlier than normal for S7.com.

On Nov.21st the endgame will begin. So best of luck to all the competitors, and I look forward to inducting the winners into the Hall of Champions!

Some American players aren’t happy that the early endgame is starting around Thanksgiving time. One player wrote into this site:

Badnews: Endgame is here far too early. It is particularly bad timing for many of the players in the USA, with NATARs due to arrive Thanksgiving week when many will be very busy with families.

It’s a tough break for some players and it will be interesting to see how the big alliances cope. It also means that the endgame will be in full-swing during Christmas and New Years, which means they probably won’t get to enjoy a New Year’s Truce (if there is one).
Similar to S1.com, the reason for starting the endgame early is because of the low population on the server. S7 had even less players than S1 does, even though it started later. S7 has 4559 players, while S1 has 4602.
S6, which is the closest server to being finished, has 6516 players left, and S8.com had 6788 player when it ended.
It’s sure to be hard for S7.com’s leaders to deal with the combination of a low player base and players being distracted or absent during the December holidays. But no one ever said winning Travian would be easy. All I have to say is now I’m really happy I decided to leave S7.com and just play S9.com instead.
The Endgame is probably shaping up to be a battle between the top north and south alliances. The top northeast and northwest alliances had been at war with one another, but recently agreed to a peace deal so that they can take on the unified southern alliances.

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