The Story of’s Final Hours

Before I do the Hall of Champions Induction for Server, I want to take this chance to look back on how the game ended, because the story of this server’s final hours is one that should go down in the history books. It was a climactic finish and a close one too. (And after this is over, I promise I’ll start writing about

Here are the final standings from the server:

You can review how close the standings were when I wrote my last post about, but let me break it down. Ap.PTT’s leading World Wonder – Obor – was at Lv.98, meaning they just had to queue the last two levels and not get hit again in order to win. But, it had been hit hard by Silent But Deadly and it was stalled just before the finish line. Ap.PTT had several other World Wonders close to winning that were on the move, including Indoing, Dani3x, Klynch, Musi, and Fred Garvin. LEGO was trying to repair a World Wonder on Lv. 97, belonging to Arnold, that had been attacked very hard. And Silent But Deadly only had one World Wonder, but it was building levels at a fast pace over the last few days. The first time Ap.PTT took that Wonder down, it took them 39 armies to do it. They wouldn’t have enough troops for another attack like that if it came to it.

SBD looked at the battlefield and saw a lot of Ap.PTT World Wonders within striking distance of the win. So a grand operation was undertaken to attack all of them, hopefully giving their one World Wonder enough time to complete the win.

So they sent out the last big armies they had, hitting Indoing, Dani3x, Klynch, Musi, and Fred Garvin, slowing each of them enough to put their world wonder into striking distance. But the one World Wonder they didn’t hit was Obor’s.

Because they had hit Obor’s World Wonder recently, and thought that it would need several more days to rebuild, during which their World Wonder would be able to move past it, SBD didn’t think it was worth it to send any attackers to it. Even though it was on Lv.98. But they didn’t realise that Ap.PTT had built extra infrastructure and storage there before their earlier attack, so it was actually in better shape than they thought it was.

Obor’s World Wonder was often thought to be a fake World Wonder, and as Heinz James from Ap.PTT said when I interviewed him, Apeiron managed to pull off a “Non-fake Fake World Wonder Trick”. It was a long time ago, but at the start of the Endgame, Obor’s World Wonder changed hands 5 times. Apeiron was late in taking it at the start of the Endgame, then LEGO took it, then Apeiron took it back but it had been reduced to zero population. A lot of people thought it would never come back from that, and no one would have predicted it to be the winner after a start like that. (You have to respect to Obor and his sitters for never giving up on it).


And because it was already on Lv.98, by the time they realised their mistake, it was too late for SBD or LEGO to do anything about it. Like I said in my earlier post, “Living Dangerously“, when a World Wonder is on Lv.98, there’s no room for error when a World Wonder is only 2 levels away from being done, because you can queue the last two levels at the same time. By the time someone on Lv.98 has started building the final two levels of the World Wonder, it’s too late to do anything about it.

SBD was running light on big armies, and LEGO was pretty much tapped out too. But if they had been hit Obor’s World Wonder a little bit harder, the game would have gone on and someone else’s World Wonder would have won. So it goes to show how making the wrong guess of where your enemy is at can have a dramatic effect on the endgame.

There are varying opinions on what would have happened if Obor’s World Wonder had been hit again. Of course, that would have required at least one more big army on SBD’s or LEGO’s side, because the defense at Obor’s village was stacked quite high.

There was an operation in place to attacks Obor’s villages so he couldn’t hold a plan, but the attacks didn’t have enough time to hit. Who knows if the operation would have actually succeeded or not if the attacks had enough time to hit? (I’ve heard from Ap.PTT leaders that they would have been ready for it, Obor’s plans were moved to somewhere safe after the build order for Lv.100 was entered)

I’ve been told by some people that SBD’s World Wonder would have gone on to win if they had been able to stop Obor. Others say that Indoing’s World Wonder wasn’t damaged enough from SBD’s attacks and that it would have been ahead of Cassini’s. I don’t know for sure and a lot of the people who say these things don’t know for sure either, so in the end I guess all you can say is that it was a close finish and Ap.PTT won it just before it possibly slipped out of their hands.

Ap.PTT leaders were definitely not looking forward to doing another assault on SBD’s World Wonder. They used 39 armies the first time, and it still managed to almost come back and get the win. Even those who thought they could have slowed down SBD’s World Wonder enough for Indoing or another Wonder to finish ahead of it didn’t think they’d be able to do it by much. It came down to SBD and LEGO being a just few armies short. It was definitely a close finish.

There was some talk on the forums about how Ap.PTT were too big for the other alliances to stand a chance, and that the Server was going to have a boring ending. In the end, it was proven that that wasn’t the case. LEGO and SBD both came very close, and if some things had gone their way, either one of those could have ended up as the winner. The endgame took a little while to get interesting, but LEGO made a brilliant move to force Ap.PTT to break the Non-Aggression Pact with SBD by taking out the

LEGO’s leaders used their armies very effectively and in a future server, if they can bring a few more hammers and keep all their top players until the end, they definitely have a great chance of winning. I hope they come back for the next S8.

In the end, Ap.PTT didn’t win because they were the biggest. They won because they were the best. I’m not going to say the battlefield was even. I also think that there were some things that went in Ap.PTT’s favour that were beyond their control. But there’s a big difference between having an advantage and being unbeatable. Ap.PTT had to work hard to beat two very skilled and deadly foes, and the close ending shows it.

I’m going to finish the Hall of Champions entry for now. And then post my interview with Red Queen from PTT (also known as Ice). That seems like a fitting way to wrap up the coverage of S8 and to segue into S6. There’s a lot more I could write about, and I regret that I don’t have the time to get to it. Like any epic war, there are stories that will be untold.


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  1. Dude, I gave you access details to my old account on s6 right? I hope you’ll do a piece on s6 next, it’s probably the most epic server around (even better than s8) *hint* username = Faquarl *hint*

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