Travian Champions Interviews Heinz James

After the conclusion of 08-09, I conducted interviews with leaders of Apeiron and PTT, the alliances that formed the winning Meta-alliance, Ap.PTT. Heinz James, the leader of Apeiron, was kind enough to take the time to answer my questions over Skype. (I’ll post my intervew with Red Queen, the leader of PTT, sometime over the next few days)

Randomgeek: Let’s start by talking about Apeiron. How did that alliance come together, and what role did you play in its creation?

Heinz – James: Stage 1 was infinity and alpha –  Qemuel and others started alpha – which included some preexisting relationships.  Westish started infinity, and which was not preorganised at all. I joined infinity, and due to workload, Westish asked me to co-lead – and then I lead for a while, but ran it from his account as a sitter so no one knew. We were recruiting big accounts, no confeds.. not even with alpha.. We had a little war with phoenix/cia – but their leaders left, due to real life probably…  Then I started talking with Rayden – who was heading towards a top 20 account, and clearly knew his stuff. He was the one who suggested merging alpha and infinity.. took about 1 week to do.. the name Apeiron is a greek name for the concept of infinity – this was suggested by Big Dog.. so we did that, got 2 wings.. and went from there.

At the same time, I was in regular contact with Indoing of TSS, he killed my rat, and was very close geographically, and a top raider, so you had to stay on his good side. From there – we grew, in population mainly.. but started the hammer building.. The leaders at that time were Rayden, myself, Big Dog, Qemuel, Nouda and Westish.

Loutremount was a threat, and it resulted in the war with -AM-, and at the same time, we had a confed with CIA/Phoenix, and at their request we put pressure on Bloody who was running the remaining wings of OG – which we started to farm..Everyone claims victory for the end of OG.. So – at that point -AM-, Pheonix, CIA and OG/DS merged and called themselves AE.. We faced an all out quad war (in the Northwest) but I got Indoing to back us up, and drop confeds with AE, and we had -AM- disbanded..From then we took in TSS as a confederate, then WEST as a wing, and then AE started calling themselves Apeiron – so we had it pretty well done at that point.

Randomgeek: How did the battles between Apeiron and LEGO get started? I know there are differing viewpoints on this, but from your viewpoint why did things go sour between the two sides?

Heinz – James: Reflex (the leader of LEGO at the time) and I had chatted long time.. we had discussed going to the end together – and Qemuel was very supportive of that. But – as much as Reflex and I would agree on Naps, etc.. there was always action along the borders between our two sides.. them catapulting croppers, conquering villages, the raiding, etc.. and tension between LEGO and TSS, as LEGO took in the left overs of DUNRAC, an alliance that TSS beat. Most players along the south hated LEGO and it was a matter of time before it exploded..

Also.. I felt that in a LEGO/Apeiron end game.. they had the experience.. we would end up being the meat shield, and there was still the possible scenario of PTT and TSS joining up end game.. leaving us stuck in the middle.. So, war with LEGO consolidated our relationship with TSS, gave everyone some action – as we had confederated/napped the entire NW quad.. and had too much peace..we lost a few good accounts due to inactivity and peace.

Randomgeek: So would you say it was your leadership’s decision to end the alliance with LEGO?

Heinz – James: Yes. I pushed for it quite hard.. After taking in WEST – LEGO still hit some Apeiron 4 players –  so I asked WEST to organise some payback.. Plausable deniability, etc.. but we set out to start something.. and then agreed to publically end the NAP on the forum – give them 24 hours notice and let the cards fall where they may.. But as soon as we said Non-aggression pacts were over – Hanoi who hated LEGO launched on CartesianCo’s capital – got all but 1 crop field.. then pressed delete.. it was all out war then.

Randomgeek: And then eventually you ended up teaming up with PTT…

Heinz – James: It was not our original plan.. we had woo’d Charyou, Kirsa and Brooke (leaders of strong alliances in the NE)… but Kirsa said she had friends in PTT and would not go against them.. Ekar got in contact with PTT.. we discussed scenarios.. including a possible limited confed/non-aggression pact till a particular level.. but I think at that point – we hated the LEGO trash talk on the forums so much – we were both prepared to accept second place so long as LEGO came last.

Randomgeek: Were PTT and TSS already close at this point?

Heinz – James: We had asked TSS to drop their confederation with PTT at the end of the AM war.. or a little after. We said a consolidated NW was preferable.. and they did. But we felt they were still close, and possible just dropping confed in name only.. turns out – TSS did maintain close relationship with some PTT leaders..

Randomgeek: Going into the endgame, did you feel your side’s win was “predestined”, as some people on the forums say?

Heinz – James: Not at all.. I still felt LEGO was holding cards close to their chest – that we had not seen the best of them.. Sponskoek (from LEGO) had something on his profile about the hidden hammers.. and we certainly felt they were an experienced team – more so than us.. and that they would have more in reserve.

Even early on – the relationship with PTT was fairly rocky. (During the endgame) our side wanted to build slowly, get all the granary and infrastructure for the World Wonder done, and as you may have noticed, Fred Garvin (from PTT) was out of the blocks very quick.

We had DOG on one side, Ares on the other, LEGO in the south – and Ares wings annoying us in the North.. We had moose wings, LEGO wings, Warrior and about 20 wings sending fakes at us. The start of end game.. concerned me greatly.. there was still the possibility that LEGO would divide and conquer.. And Reflex got Ares to beg PTT for a confederation.. which they agreed to.. I thought it was the start of the end at that point. 

After that – Red Queen saw we would stand our ground – and that LEGO were still trying to play them – I think it was the thing that set the relationship in stone

Randomgeek: Do you think Ap.PTT got overconfident during the stage of the endgame when LEGO fell way behind and the NAP was still on with SBD?

Heinz – James: I think many players did – I think we had lots of deletions..  But I dont think Apeiron or PTT leaders did. At that time, Apeiron was run mostly day to day by Koveras, Big Dog and myself.. Big Dog and I had just played small accounts, and Koveras was (playing his) first game.

Randomgeek: Did you guys ever think to yourself: “LEGO is done, they’re not a threat to us anymore”

Heinz – James: Yeah – when there was about 5 hours to go. 😀

Randomgeek: What was it like in the leadership room when it looked like there was a real chance you could lose if SBD’s World Wonder got ahead, during that last day. Were people cool under pressure or did the nerves start to show?

Heinz – James: I think (people were) cool under pressure.. the only real tension was with Obors team  – trying to run a two quad meta and get a win for “the team” versus the goals of an individual WW team – that caused more conflict than anything.


Randomgeek: I guess Obor’s World Wonder was probably considered the least likely to win at the start of the endgame.

Heinz – James: Yes – I would say so – but Koveras and Big Dog had considered that because others would think that – that they could do “the old Non-fake Fake WW” trick.

Randomgeek: Tell us more about your Travian experience before this server, and where will you be playing now that this server is done?

Heinz – James: Before this server I had 4 villages, 1700 pop, for 3 months on (then I got Zero popped). So basically, nothing.. I started to try Romans while I waited for to restart…

I will be starting a new server – not sure where.. but I’ve made some great friends  on S8, some of them in Apeiron, but others across the whole server – and I think that has to be the best part of Travian.



9 Responses

  1. A little too biased, don’t you think?

    • I’m not sure if you’re refering to me or to Heinz James, but if you are refering to me, read my final post on (which is coming up soon), and you’ll see the reason behind some of these questions. If you’re refering to Heinz James, well, I guess anyone would be biased towards their own side a little.

  2. Interesting to see some of the inner thoughts of Heinz. I will offer only one correction: ArEs never begged for a confederation with PTT. I had been speaking with Kirsa about formalizing the unofficial peace between ArEs and Hype/- but she was concerned about what Apeiron/PTT would think. So I spoke with Red Queen in skype about the issue and to my surprise, she asked me why I wanted to make peace with people who did not value AR1. She asked me if I would consider a confed with PTT and after 2-3 days to discuss the matter with the members of AR1, we accepted. The confed was an offer from Red Queen and something that AR1 never asked for, let alone begged for.

  3. Wooooo! Ap.PTT ftw! The old non-fake, fake WW. Who’d of thunk it? Certainly not many realised it was over capacity in the end straights.

    Must confess I’m a little confused by Vercings comments since LEGO leaders told me that it was Reflex’s idea to get AR1 to offer support to PTT (noteably not apeiron too) knowing that apeiron would never accept it. Must say it smells like Reflex’s devious tricks too – though I do admire his cunning. I don’t wish to turn this into another of the many forum arguments, but that came direct from Darkseid. Anyway, thanks for the hard work keeping tabs on this RG. People like you are golden.

    • It is quite sad that you guys keep on posing reflex to be behind every single thing relating to LEGO as a whole.

      He is not that bad a guy as you’re trying to put him as to… quite sad 😦

  4. RAWR! Apeiron ftw! ❤

    I still greatly prefer the old elite wings of apeiron rather than this huge mega meta mess…

  5. I did speak with Reflex about the offer that Red Queen extended to AR1, prior to accepting the offer; however, it was not anything he had orchestrated. One thing I made clear with RQ, was there had to be an understanding from the start that we could not be required to attack LEGO. We had a mutual respect for each other and I also had added a former LEGO leader (Vegito) onto my account as a dual.

  6. To be honest I had problems explaining why it would be a good thing for ArEs to nap PTT inside the LEGO leadership room ;-).
    LEGO wasn’t up for the idea at all in the first place except for like 2 leaders that including Darkseid. Heh. It wasn’t anything that was set up by LEGO, lol.

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